Sunday, March 10, 2013

Weekend Wrap-up: Zinghopper's and Date Night

What a weekend! It was the highest of the highs and some low spots too. That's life though.

Friday: Evie had a blast at Campbell's birthday party. I should have kept Henry at home. He was getting into everything and I needed a breather after that experience! Evie was so sad to leave but she was a big girl. Campbell had a ball and Evie was so thrilled to help him celebrate. Kids went to bed early while Carl and I caught up a bit and then watched a movie.

 Saturday: Carl gave me the chance to sleep in and then we headed out to see The Zinghopper's. Evie and Henry loved seeing Conductor Jack and DJ Kitty before the show. They are so good to come out into the audience to meet the audience. I am so proud of Jack and Kitty for working so hard to achieve their dream. It's amazing that they went from preschool teachers to artists with a top-selling album so quickly. After grooving at the show, we walked over to the Farmer's Market and then to the John Deere store. We took the kids to Jimmy Johns for lunch and they ate absolutely nothing! Henry went down for his nap while Carl and I both did some work around the house. I took Evie to get her hair cut and she loved the pampering at Diva's and Dudes. Fairy dust, a special braid and a pink heart lollipop completed the experience! Shannon came over to babysit while Carl and I went out for the night. We went to see Safe Haven and it was so good. It was my turn to pick the movie and Carl was pleasantly surprised by the movie. Now, I just need to read the book again since I had forgotten most of it. Of course, I cried through the last thirty minutes! After dinner, we did a little shopping and then ate wings at Carl's favorite spot - Wild Wing. 

Sunday: Carl was not feeling well so we spent the day at home after visiting the ER. YIKES. Carl is fine now. We are so glad that he is feeling better. It was pretty funny hanging out in the ER in our Sunday best.


  1. I am so glad that it's nothing too serious with Carl. I know it is hard with no family in the area so I'm glad you have friends available to help. So glad I'm not the only one crying in Safe Haven! Those topics are tough on moms. Hoping the week is calmer!

  2. Scary! I hope Carl's appointment goes well and that he recovers fully!

  3. Oh Jennifer! What a scary Sunday! I hope Carl's appointment today brings some more relief. As always, you appear so calm under pressure, which is why I love you! Evie looks too cute with her fairy dust and special side braid!


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