Wednesday, March 27, 2013

What I'm Loving Wednesday - Sweet Designs and Cole Slaw

Happy Wednesday! Here's my loves this week . . .

Wells-Fargo Mobile Deposit Ap: Changed my life! It's so nice not to pack the kids up and drive to the bank just to deposit a check. I am sure that a mother invented this ap. Amazing!

Sweet Designs by Amy Atlas: Carl bought me this fun book for Valentines and I just had the chance to read it. Lots of fun party ideas with brightly colored pictures but the best part is a detailed source list for all products. Definitely a fabulous resource for party planning!

Pulled Pork Coleslaw: I made this coleslaw to go with the BBQ that I took two families for dinner last night. Found it on Pinterest . . . obviously. It is so delicious. I usually always mix up coleslaw with the pre-cut cabbage or broccoli slaw but this is amazing. I'll be honest this was my first time cutting a cabbage and it was worth the effort. Celery and creole seasoning really make this salad. I did not have an celery seed and substituted with extra celery salt. Make this for your next backyard cookout.

Confidence: Evie mastered her first rock climbing wall yesterday. I am so proud of her blossoming confidence! Peer pressure can be a beautiful thing. Leah climbed up that wall and Evie was ready for her turn next. Check out that look of concentration!


  1. The coleslaw sounds delicious! And the banking app sounds divine. Even with a husband in banking you'd think it would make that easier for us, but it doesn't! It also doesn't help that we don't primarily bank where he works!

  2. Rock climbing looks like so much fun! I have never tried it! Your little girl did great!


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