Friday, July 5, 2013

Choo Choo Henry is 2!

Dear Henry,

    You are 2 years old! How did this happen so quickly? It feels like just yesterday - you looked like this.

Now, you are 25 pounds of giggles and fun. You keep us laughing and on our toes. Everything is an adventure with you! You say every.single.word that we say. Often picking up on the last word that comes out. Conversations go like this.

Mommy: It's breakfast time. Let's have waffles.
Henry: waffles.
Mommy: Henry, do you want syrup?
Henry: syrup
Mommy: Sit down at the table and I will bring you breakfast.
Henry: breakfast.
Mommy: Henry, you are so messy!
Henry: messy

It's so cute to hear you mimic the last word that you hear. You are putting two words together more and more - "my drink", "more please", "choo choo show." We adore hearing your sweet little voice.

You love books, doughnuts, mickey mouse and trains. Everyday those items are your main concerns.

TV has become much more popular too. You will sit and watch a show without moving. That's a nice change for Mama!

Getting you dressed is always amusing. I'll ask you if you'd like a suit or shorts. Usually, you say suit - I am so glad you like those little jon jons and bubbles because they look adorable on your sweet little legs.

This is going to be a big year for you, Henry! You will grow and change into a big boy. You will learn to use the potty, go to a big boy preschool and you will begin to make your own friends. Evie became a Big Sister when she was 2.5. Don't worry you are not getting a baby this year. 

I remember thinking that Evie was such a BIG girl at this age but I think of you as a baby. You will always be my baby even when you really are a BIG boy. Perspective in parenting changes everything.

Can't wait to celebrate you turning 2! Happy Birthday, Henry.

Love, Mommy and Daddy


  1. happy happy birthday to sweet henry!
    and i agree... i thought libbi was SO grown when she was two, but laney is still my little baby. (but not for much longer!) ;)

  2. Happy birthday, Henry! Two does sound old but he makes it sound awfully cute and fun! Have fun's a milestone for everyone!

  3. Happy Birthday to sweet Henry! He's such a cute big boy :)

  4. Happy birthday sweet boy!!! We love you!!

  5. Happy birthday sweet Henry! You are such a cutie and I can't wait to see what you accomplish this year! Ps: Aubrey loved trains too!!

  6. Happy 2nd Birthday Henry!! I feel the same way -- Emily was so "old" back then but Jessi is still my baby :).

  7. Happy birthday sweet Henry!! 2 looks good on you!


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