Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Goodness Gracious Goats

We went to Noble Goat Farm this morning and had a blast! It's a beautiful drive out in the country and it is so important to show our kids early how food gets on the table. I found out about the farm from a friend and immediately thought it would be a fun trip for the Moms Club.

We were fortunate to have a cool, beautiful morning! Evie and Henry were thrilled to meet the goats that produce the goat cheese that we purchase from the Farmer's Market.

Evie really enjoyed herself while Henry preferred to spend the morning on my hip as we made our way down muddy paths to see the horses. We even met a brand new baby goat that was just born yesterday afternoon. How's that for a newbie?

My favorite part was the tasting time and Evie really liked the cherry berry goat cheese. We bought a few cheeses for the house, washed our grimy hands, enjoyed some snacks and headed back to the suburbs. Not much better than a morning at the farm!

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  1. Adorable goats (and children!) we just got chickens...it's quite the adventure.


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