Monday, July 1, 2013

Weekend Wrap-up

Well, it was not our best weekend. Henry has impetigo and has been extremely fussy. Evie screams out every time he coughs, "Henry, please do not throw up." Then, she asks us if we think he is going to throw up. It's been wild! Hopefully, with some new antibiotic cream Henry is on his way to feeling better again.

We started our weekend out with a Friday night swim so Evie could show Carl all her new swimming skills. It's amazing how much she has learned in just 4 weeks of intensive swim lessons. We whipped up some shrimp pasta for dinner and called it an early night.

Saturday seems like a long time ago now but I am pretty sure we just stayed home venturing out with just Evie. Carl took Evie to the pool again - that's her new Happy Place. We had a little slip and slide action in the backyard. Henry was not so sure about this but Evie was all for flopping down on her belly racing into the water.

Another day at home for  Henry! Evie and I headed out to get Henry a birthday present. She chose a mister for him that connects to the garden hose. Pretty good present for a July birthday boy. We hit the library next and took a little side trip to the mall. Evie is infatuated with escalator and thinks it would be fabulous to have one in our home.

I decided to take him to the doctor late in the afternoon and he perked up right after that. Naturally, that would happen after a $20 co-pay. We deiced to venture out to the Sunday Night Concert at the park fully expecting not to make it more than one song with Henry. Of course, our little buddy surprised us and was as happy as a clam eating cookies and dancing to the music. I even spotted him dancing with a Big Girl - it was so funny and I wish that I had snapped a picture. Henry and Evie both love meeting new kids. We enjoyed hanging out with Stephanie and Jason and their boys eating yummy desserts. Carl loved the ban - Bicho Brothers - they were really good. I had fun dancing with Evie to Mustang Sally. Evie is just at the perfect age for fun! I remind myself all day that Henry will be 4 one day too. 

It was a late night but a fun night. Hope everyone had a terrific weekend.


  1. LOVE the outfit in the first picture!

  2. It never fails... If you want them to feel better... Pay to go to the doctor!!! Haha!!! Before the doctor can even see them, they are 50 times better!!


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