Friday, July 12, 2013

Five on Friday!

Another week come and gone . . . this one was a doozie for us but today is going to be a great day!

Batique: Evie is quite imaginative these days. Sometimes she plays factory. Other days she opens a bakery during her rest time. Yesterday, she worked in her "batique." It was adorable and I gladly "batiqued" with her. She kept saying "batique" this and "batique" that turning a noun into a verb. Evie is really good at turning nouns into verbs! Her "batiquing" makes quite the mess!

Pizza: Henry has begun a love affair with pizza. He eats it all the time and I am just glad to find something that he really likes to eat that has a high calorie base. Henry had his 2 year old check up this week and I was startled to find out that he is in the 3-5% for his height and the 20% for his weight. I was so shocked that I just started laughing - it seemed so crazy. Our pediatrician is very down to earth and immediately reminded me that at 25 pounds Henry is at the 20th percentile but if we was 28 pounds then he would immediately move to the 50th percentile. 

Lost Keys: One of the crazy things of the week is that I lost my keys at Costco crossing the path to get in the store. Henry kicked off his shoe - I bent down to pick it up and my keys fell. UGH! It was not fun trying to find them in the heat with two kiddos. They still have not been turned in and new keys with all their magic are quite expensive. Evie has been telling everyone that I am using my "ballet key." Love that girl! Courtney came to rescue us from Costco - thank the Lord for good friends like her!

Waking Up is Hard to Do: I have been feeling completely frazzled this summer and not getting much done. I miss the schedule of school! Someone suggested that I try waking up 1-2 hours before my kids to get my quiet time and exercise done plus mark a few household duties off my list. I woke up at 5:45 without an alarm clock and have accomplished more before 9 than I do in an entire day when I wake up at 7 with my kids. It's worth a try anyway! Do you wake up before your kids? School starts one month from today so my routine will be back soon!!!

Tracy Anderson: You either love her or hate her. Maybe you do not even know who she is but I am loving her these days! Her exercise videos are so hard but results are visible quickly. It's harder for me to get to the YMCA in the summer because it is a workout just to drop off the kids. I love getting my exercise done right here in the comfort of my living room. There are lots of her videos on YouTube to get you started. Taking care of this at home leaves more time for trips to the pool! That's way more fun.


  1. Girl, I have tried to get up early to be productive and I'm just worthless. However, since I was already up with James at 5 am, I handed him off to James after I nursed him and went to 6 am yoga. Definitely felt good to get it out of the way.

    Loving Evie's batique. Adorable!!

  2. I don't wake up before my daughter! I just can't...but it's a good idea. I do a lot during nap time though...typically ;)

  3. Love her "Batique." I always had the most fun when I played store! I even had snazzy red phone I used as my cash register! Oh to be young and care free again! I rarely, if ever, wake up before Davis and/or Phillip but on the rare days that I do, I am quite a bit more productive. By the end of the day, my motivation to do/clean/organize/cook has gone right out the window! So excited for your new routine this fall! Can't wait to hear all about getting back in the classroom!


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