Monday, July 8, 2013

Henry's Choo Choo Party!

Henry is enthralled with trains so it was fitting to have a choo choo birthday party for him. He had a ball and thought it was super cool to wake up from a nap to see a train in the driveway.

It was a monsoon for several days before the party but the sun came out and it was a gorgeous day for a party. Party planning is fun for me but then the details get lost as the event looms. I quickly began crossing ideas off my list without implementing them.  We had popcorn, "rail mix" and punch outside. Healthy options were inside and I brought them out as people did not even come in the house.It was the easiest birthday party that I have ever hosted! We are so fortunate to have such sweet friends to celebrate special occasions with. Henry loved having his friend Abigail from school and all of his regular playgroup friends. He's always happy to play!

Cupcakes were from Harris Teeter and they were delicious. Henry even had two. His little friend, Mahalee snuck him an extra one. 

The train was from D&H Railroad in Mt. Juliet. Howard was so easy to work with and did a fantastic job with the kids. 

Invitations were from Sweet Birdie's Nest. Decorations and paper products were from Shop Sweet LuLu. Both companies are amazing and have excellent customer service. Favors were little train shaped soaps from Etsy. I cannot remember her information right now but I really liked her and she was quick and a perfectionist. I will use her again!

It was a fun afternoon celebrating our sweet boy! Can't believe that he is 2 and wish that I had more pictures to share from his party. We were too busy living in the moment to capture the moment.

I told Carl right before the party began that next year - his party is going to be at Chuckie Cheese but already the wheels are turning. Red and blue decor is just so easy for a July birthday. Luckily, I have some time to think on it!


  1. I said the same thing about right before Sam's party but already had a theme for the next one in mind. Parties at home are more work but they end up feeling really special. I love your colors and all the details. Having the train is so fun. You had lots of kids!

  2. So cute and sweet, Jennifer! Love the surprise of the actual train in the driveway when he woke up! Happy birthday, Henry!

  3. such fun! and you can tell from the pictures that henry (and everyone else) had a great time!! love the joy on his face. i love all the just looks like the perfect southern, outdoor birthday party!
    oh! and SO happy for a break in the rain!! we're still waiting for ours :-/

  4. Oh how fun! Aubrey is obsessed with trains right now so this would have been her fantasy! Henry is just the sweetest little boy and I don't think I've seen a cuter little guy! I know he is a blessing to your sweet family! HAPPY BIRTHDAY HENRY!!!

  5. What a fun party! I love the ride on train, I am sure the kids had a blast on that.

  6. How fun! Henry is a lucky birthday boy. Looks like you thought of every detail :)


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