Saturday, November 5, 2011

4 Months

Dear Henry,

You are 4 months old today. You are growing so fast. It's so fun to watch you become more interested in the world around you. You are especially interested in your sister and spend lots of time trying to figure out what she is doing.

Happy Henry would be a good nickname for you. We are amazed at your laid-back, happy personality. You always have a smile and you laugh a lot. It makes you giggle hysterically when your shirt is pulled over your head. Not sure what it is but you find it very funny.

You are wearing a size 2 diaper but not for long. You weigh around 18 pounds so you are our plump little turkey. You eat every 3-4 hours and let me know that you are hungry by chewing on your hand. Sleep is all over the place. Some nights, you sleep 11 hours straight and some nights you sleep 5 hours before waking to eat. You go down around 7:30 and wake up around 7:30 for the day. Napping seems to be one of your favorite past times. You take two long naps about 2-3 hours and one short nap. Or you take a morning nap and a really long nap around 2. You are not on a schedule except that you go back to sleep within two hours of waking up. You still like to be swaddled which is getting more challenging since you are such a big boy.

Your hair is still crazy and you have developed a small bald patch on the back of your head. Nana says it is because you are such a good sleeper.

Henry, you like to kick your legs, rest on your tummy, take baths and play outside. You love the exersaucer, the swing and your bouncy seat. We just move you from place to place. You are a very content little baby and rarely cry more than five minutes in an entire day. That is such a blessing! Your sister cries enough for you both but that's okay you might as well learn early that there is always drama with girls.

Speaking of sister, you are so different from Evie but there are some similarties. She loved chewing on her hands and staring at the ceiling fun was really fun for her too. I can see a little of Evie in you. Although, I think you have way more hair!

We spend a lot more time at home now that we have you although you love to go explore. It's just easier to stay home than to take two kids out and about all day. You help me run errands while Evie is at school so we do get out some. Playdates are fun and easy for us. You went to your first bonfire tonight and enjoyed watching all the children. Daddy even got a little marshmallow on you so maybe you had a taste. Just kidding!

Henry, you are such a blessing to our family. We thank God for you everyday and are so fortunate to have two happy, healthy, beautiful children.We cannot even remember what life was life before you were here with us. You bring us so much joy and laughter. We love you so much!

Love, Mommy and Daddy

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  1. So so sweet! I can't believe he is 4 months old!!!!


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