Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Flying Solo

Flying is much easier than driving but it can be difficult too. I flew for the first time with both kids last week and it a breeze. Evie had been asking for weeks if we were going to the airport. She was thrilled that the day finally arrived.

Evie had school that day so I picked her up before lunch so she could nap at home. Our flight left at 4:50 and it took forever to make it through security. Evie had her "punzel" on or you may refer to it as a leash. Henry was in the stroller. We arrived at the gate a few minutes before boarding. We flew Southwest and boarded with family boarding. Our plane was not full so it helped a lot to have an entire row to ourself!

There were a few other kids on board which always eases my tension. Evie was ready for snack time as soon as we boarded. I offered her a snack before boarding but she wanted to wait for the peanuts. Evie was not impressed that snacks were not served until we were in the air. She held her little airplane and looked out the window. Henry just looked around. Both kids did so well that I did not even have to pull out my bag of tricks. I took way too much stuff even though I really did not have that much. My advice is to take the bare necessities especially when flying solo. Snacks are always helpful, along with books and a new quiet toy.

We landed and Evie was ready to fly again. It took forever to get off the plane. Our stroller was waiting for us so Henry went in the stroller and Evie walked to the luggage claim. My Dad and brother were waiting for us and then we had about an hour to go before arriving at my parents house. Evie chattered the entire way which was fine after being cooped up on an
airplane. I will definitely fly with both kids again although you just never know how it is going to go.

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