Tuesday, November 15, 2011

"What that sound, Mommy?"

Evie asks this question approximately 100 times per day! She is obsessed with noise of all types from water running upstairs to airplanes flying in the sky - everything is noticed by Evie.  I think she is very sensitive to noise because sometimes these noises are barely noticeable to me. The other day she turned the bathroom fan on instead of the light and that caused lots of tears. She was shocked that such a loud noise came on rather than a light. This morning, I dropped her off at preschool and an ambulance was going by and she noticed that too. She mentioned it to her teacher who commented that the noise was rejuvenating - not sure how but anyway Evie announced that noise was pretty! Evie is not impacted at all by noise that she makes just the noises of others. She puts her hands over her ears and tells me that that it's "too soundy" if she does not like a noise. Not sure where she gets this stuff from but it sure keeps me on my toes! We received our prints back from our fall shoot. I like these three a lot!


  1. Love love love that first picture!!! Cilla asks about every sound, too. I guess we take for granted that sounds are familiar to us but aren't to our little ones. Either way, it can be exhausting!

  2. Emily is also very sensitive to noise. Scary/loud noises have bothered her since she was a baby and now she'll often tell us if things/people are "too loud". She also notices all kinds of sounds, like if we're playing in the basement and Steve flushes the toilet upstairs she'll say "Daddy have pee." It's pretty amazing when they notice things that we don't!

    Beautiful pictures! Adorable kids!!

  3. What sweet pictures! Avery notices sounds too and is curious about what they all are. I just love Henry's outfit! I love Evie's too, but I'm busy taking in cute boy clothes right now.

  4. so sweet! love their outfits. libbi is the same way. she is always cupping her hand around her ear and saying "i hear some-fin" ;)
    and she never hesitates to let me know if i "incorrectly" identify a sound. :)


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