Sunday, November 6, 2011

Weekend Wrap-up!

We had another fun fall weekend in beautiful Tennessee. On Friday, we went to The Porter's house for lunch. It was great to see them for some playtime and lunch. Evie talked about seeing Jacob all week. Kristin made cookies for the kids to decorate and Evie was thrilled to decorate with pink frosting. School has definitely changed our social calendar especially when some of our friends go to school on opposite days. Jacob goes to school on Monday and Wednesday so it's harder to see him than it used to be for us.

Jacob wore Evie out and she took a super long nap. Carl picked up some steaks on the way home from work and we enjoyed a quiet dinner after the kids were asleep.

On Saturday, I ran a few errands while Carl kept the kids then we all headed out to the farm. Our small group from church met on the farm for a bonfire. It was really a fun night! Evie rode a horse which I still cannot believe that I let her do. She has no fear and really wanted to ride it so I let her. Carl had Henry and could not believe that little Evie was on this huge horse. The lady who helped us with the horses wanted me to walk beside Evie in case she fell. Evie did such a great job! Ms. Dianne asked me how old Evie was and I told her that Evie was two and she took us back so fast! OOPS! I am pretty sure she did not realize that Evie was two since she is so tall for her age. We really wish that we had a picture of this. I even had my camera on my shoulder but was holding on to Evie. Evie was not thrilled at all about getting off the horse. She wanted to ride it again! Luckily, she was distracted by a donkey and some cows. Evie was fascinated by all the poop all over the farm. We roasted hot dogs and had chili. It was so nice to get to know some other young couples in our church although we could not be more different from them. They were all so friendly! Evie was convinced that she wanted to climb a ladder into this huge tree house that clearly was not safe. We must have told her a hundred times that she was not getting in there. I was thinking about it today and decided that Evie must have thought that if I was crazy enough to let her on that horse than surely she could get in a tree house. The tree house was falling apart and nobody was allowed on it. Evie jumped on the trampoline and had a blast with all the big kids. There are 4 couples in our group and 11 kids plus one on the way. We went on a long hayride around the property. Evie said that was her favorite part and then we had smores for dessert. It was a blast!

Our kids were wiped out by the time we arrived back home. Everyone slept late and then we headed to early church since it really felt like 9:30. It felt so nice to walk in our church and see those other couples there. Henry and Evie did well in their classes. I picked up Henry and they told me that Henry is so sweet. They even got him to take a bottle although she said it took him forever to take it. Evie never did well in the church nursery as a baby so it's such a blessing that Henry feels comfortable there.

We came home and put Henry down for his nap. Carl and Evie raked some leaves while I cleaned up a little. Henry slept 4.5 hours after only having a short nap this morning. I made some chocolate chip cookies with Crisco and ghirardelli chocolate chips because they are made with soy. Something to keep in mind if you are dairy-free for your baby - try to limit the soy in your diet because it can have the same effect on your baby as milk protein. Our pediatrican recommended not replacing dairy products with soy. Products such as soy ice-cream, soy milk, soy yogurt etc. because that could be too much on Henry's little system but a few cookies should be fine. They were delicious!

We enjoyed a relaxing afternoon at home. Carl and Henry watched a little football. Evie and I made some soup. Evie put some shoes on brother and was suprised that he still could not walk. That was so funny to me! We skyped with some friends and then had a picnic in the den. Nothing too exciting but it was a wonderful weekend with my sweet family! Hope your week gets off to a great start tomorrow.

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