Thursday, November 3, 2011

Random Ramblings!

Henry is so excited to have a new place to hang out.

Evie likes to "bandage" brother with "mermaids."

Evie said his arm hurt.

Enjoying a Halloween treat from Ms. Courtney! She LOVED this cookie.

Evie loves to play her "tee tar" like a real Nashville girl.
We had a tough night last night with Henry so this is going to be short! Poor thing was up four times which has not happened since he was just a tiny baby.

1) Fabric House: I had heard lots of great things about The Fabric House so I decided to try it out this morning. They had a fabulous selection and I am hopeful that one of the fabric samples will work for Henry's pelmet board. It made me want to learn how to sew there were so many beautiful choices.

2) Have you heard this song? It has been on repeat in my head all day as I have been thinking about a friend of a friend who is going through every mother's worst nightmare. It's called Strong Enough.

3) Evie loves to talk princess. She tells me that she is a princess and that Henry is a princess too. We told her that Henry is a prince and that makes her a . . . she said "sister princess." That girl loves being a sister.

4) Pumpkin Spice Muffins: You may have seen this recipe on Jennifer's blog. These are super simple and delicious not to mention dairy free. I made them with carob chips which are not fabulous but will make them with Kroger brand chocolate chips next time because those are dairy free. Mix one box spice cake with one 15 oz can of pumpkin. Add some chocolate chips and bake for 20 minutes at 350.


  1. i had never head that it!!!

    and that cookie would be libbi's dream come true. seriously. (and maybe mine, too!) ;-)

    hope tonight is better for y'all!!

  2. Love that sweet sweet smile! Cilla has the same Kelly's Kids outfit that Evie has on! It is one of her favorites! And I am not sure what we did before we acknowledged Disney Princesses, but the obsession now is a bit unhealthy!

  3. The Fabric House sounds amazing! Hoping that last night was a better night for all!

  4. Don't you just LOVE having a girl first and then a boy?? (I may be slightly biased, ha!)


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