Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Evie's Sleep Perceptions


  1. Haha! Aubrey doesn't quite get the concept of a nap vs. night time sleep either. She thinks every time she sleeps, it's a "nap" and every time she wakes up, it's a new day.

  2. I think Sam must have decided the same thing. Now that he's going longer at night, his naps are suffering, even in the Rock and Play. I'm thinking his reflux is worse so we'll see what the doctor says. What do you do with Evie while getting Henry down for naps? Especially in those early days where he napped a lot. Yesterday I started trying to be in Sam's room to get him to sleep, which either means Avery is wandering around the house, or she's in the room disturbing. You were certainly right that sleep is a hard part of the baby days!


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