Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Pinterest Project Perfection

Maybe not perfection, exactly but it did entertain Evie for about 20 minutes, which is pretty close to perfection in my book. Everyone who has tried this with their kids posted rave reviews. Evie is always tired after school and needs an activity besides TV.

Everything was ready to go after school. Evie's attention span has not quite developed into waiting patiently while Mama prepares things. She moves on to new things pretty fast these days.

I poured the entire box of baking soda in the dish and let Evie drop food coloring into the vinegar.

She had a ball mixing colors and loved the sizzle of the vinegar hitting the baking soda. I did something similar with my first graders but with one large cup of baking soda which caused a "volcano" to errupt. That's more impressive but it's over in two seconds flat. Evie was able to make lots of baby erruptions!

Lots of moms had mentioned that this occupied their children for 45 minutes to an hour at age 4. We are not quite there yet but twenty minutes was great. Sometimes activities require more preparation time than project time which often defeats the purpose of the project. This is how it looked after she finished and moved on to her dress-ups.

I'll definitely do this one again. Lots of bang for your buck with this project.  Mess is contained in the bin and supplies are already in your pantry!


  1. This looks like so much fun...I bookmarked it! By the way, I really don't know how I get the kids to do the nap thing. It's especially weird since they share a room. I will say that AP only naps about half the time (really less, probably) now, so she's pretty much just playing quietly in her bed. Some days she does great with that and some days it's awful!

  2. definitely trying this!!! did evie get a haircut? she looks adorable! :-)


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