Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Update on Giving it Up!

Neatly folded towels lasted about two seconds!
I survived my week without paper towels! Believe it or not, my kitchen was much cleaner using dish clothes to clean up the spills and grime. It's just a difficult habit to break especially if the paper towels are sitting out on the counter. I am using paper towels again for little messes but am still using my micro-fiber clothes for wiping the floors after meals and cleaning off the counter tops. Habit's are easier to break if you replace the bad habit with something better. I decided that it'd be better to spend a few dollars a week on beautiful, colorful flowers than waste money on paper towels. Think about it, if you use a roll of paper towels per day, that is about $10 per week or $40 per month or almost $500 per year on something that goes straight into the trashcan.

Lots of people asked if it added to my laundry! Of course it added to my laundry. Since, I am already washing several loads per day. It's easy to throw the towels in with the other clothes and then I just throw them in a bin in my closet. They look much better folded in the drawer but that only lasted a day or two.

I bought pink and white towels which made it easy for laundry. White towels are used for floors and big spills. It's easy to bleach them too which is an added bonus. Pink towels are used for hands, faces and things that are not that dirty so that I can use the pink towel a few times.

Try a few days without paper towels, you might be surprised at the results! Plus, the added bonus is showing your children that it is important to be a good steward of the Earth. That's something, I could do a little more often!

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  1. I thought of you just the other day and wondered how this was going! I might have to give it a try myself after reading about your success! I know I can find microfiber towels anywhere, but where did you buy yours?


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