Friday, April 20, 2012

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner - Stella & Dot Bracelet!

And the winner is . . . Carrie Howie! Congratulations, Carrie - you will love your new orange bracelet!

 Carrie has motivated and inspired me on so many of her posts. Check out this excerpt from her blog that I have thought about when I am struggling with motherhood.

"I consider Motherhood such a high calling, and I'm so thankful to be able to do this everyday. It definitely is not always fun, but that's not the point. David are I were discussing that a while back in regards to our next child (yes, we're already talking and praying about our next child.... but more on that later ;). Having a lot of [very young] children is hard. It can be monotonous. But I'm not put on this earth to have a fun or even an easy life. I believe I'm put on this earth to glorify God and serve Him. Right now, I feel like I'm called to do that at home with my children. And I can bring God glory by how I respond to the hard days. The fits. The sleepless nights. The lack of routine and normalcy in my life right now. I fail to remain patient and loving so often. But thankfully, there is forgiveness and grace. And hopefully through this Motherhood thing, I'm learning to die to myself. I'm learning to love sacrificially. I'm learning to be more like Christ. And that makes being home-bound and frazzled pale in comparison :) "


  1. Yay Carrie! I absolutely loved this quote in her post and think about it each day. I know she will enjoy her bracelet. I just got an e-mail saying my order has shipped! Can't wait to find out what you ordered.

  2. yay for carrie! and i loved that post, too. definitely one of my inspiring!

  3. Oh my goodness! I am so excited!!! I literally never win anything, so I'm shocked :) You are too sweet, Jennifer! I'm so glad my words have been an encouragement. Trust me, I have to repeat that to myself hourly too! I'm glad we're bloggy friends :)


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