Thursday, April 19, 2012


Evie has been talking non-stop about going to the fire station or "fireation" as she calls it. Today, was the big day! On the way, she asked me if it was going to be "too soundy" because Evie does not like loud noises unless they are her own loud noises. Fire stations are not known for being quiet but I kept that part to myself.

We had a great time climbing into the fire truck, checking out the living quarters of the firefighters and running around with all of our friends. It was a really easy outing and it was free. Those are the best kind! Firefighters have really good schedules at our local station. They work two shifts of 24 hours and then are off four days. That's a major perk according to the firefighter.

Evie looked pretty cute in her fire hat. Henry had fun too with his friend Andrew. He LOVES Andrew! I am thinking Andrew might be a terrific babysitter for Henry in a few years.

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  1. What fun! We have a fire station at the entrance of our neighborhood. I can't wait until Davis is old enough for us to walk up there and visit.


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