Sunday, April 15, 2012

Weekly Wrap-up!

I am a little behind in my blogging and since this is our family record too, here goes a quick snapshot of what we have been up to for the past week.

Sunday: We spent Easter with my parents and brother. It was a gorgeous day and church was wonderful. Evie enjoyed the Easter egg hunt after church along with lots of sweet treats. My grandmother and aunt came over for lunch and we had to leave to drive back to Nashville. 400 miles with two kids is not easy but our kids sure are good travelers. Evie occupies herself with her toys and movies. Henry was mostly content except when he was hunrgry but that was easy to fix. Everyone passed out when we arrived home.

Monday: After our busy weekend, we decided to stay put at home trying to get back on track with our schedule. Evie and Henry both napped all afternoon which is almost never happens at the same time. Someone always seems to be awake!  We took a family walk to the park and noticed a woman in distress. It turns out that she was diabetic and her sugar was low from excervising. She needed something sweet and all had to offer her was a half eaten Fruit Roll-up! I felt horrible but she did not seem to mind that Evie had muchned on it.

Tuesday: Alleulia! Evie went back to school. We were both thrilled and Evie even took a nap at school. That is rare these days at school but it makes for an early bedtime. Henry had his 9 month check up. He weighs 19 pounds and some change which puts him in the 45% and is 28.5 inches long which is the 70%.  Some of the baby fat has melted away with all his crawling and cruising. Henry does not make a habit of staying in one place for too long. That boy is a mover!

Wednesday: We had a PJ day and got a few things done around the house. Traveling wears me out between packing for the trip, going on the trip and then getting everything back in it's place. Carl came home for lunch before going to Atlanta for the night. Evie was not thrilled that her Daddy was with her cousins. Promises of watching Cinderella with Mama made it all better. I love that her problems are so easy to fix these days because that will not always be the case. Henry was a fuss bucket all day and woke up from his nap with a fever of 103. It was his first fever so of course it made me worry.

Thursday: Henry woke up fever free and went down for his nap. I took Evie to school and then went to our Stella and Dot party. Be sure to enter our giveaway if you have not already! I walked across the street to get my wallet and Henry was not happy at all with Karen. So, I decided to take him to the doctor after we picked up Evie from school. We spend more time at the pediatricians office than anywhere else in town. Evie stayed calm and content with her princess markers. Henry was not too sure about why we were back at the doctor again. We found out that Henry had hand, foot and mouth disease which sounds a lot worse than it really is but it's not a walk in the park either. He has been fussy, not sleeping and has blisters on his hands, feet and throat.

Friday: We stayed home to keep our germs away from our friends! Evie slept until 5:00 which made me think that she was getting sick too. She woke up in the best little mood so we just kept her up until 8. Carl took her to the park and to pick up a pizza while I tackled our mountain of laundry.

Saturday: Evie woke up with a fever and was so irritable. She starting feeling a little better after she had some medicine. It's sad to see her so sick but she sure is extra snuggly. Evie told me that she wanted to snuggle me all day and that's exactly what she did. She fell asleep on Carl's lap and then took a nap with me in my bed. That's never happened, she's too wild for that on a normal day but it sure was sweet. Henry took two good naps so we thought that he was feeling better.

Sunday: Lots of crying and awake time in the night for Henry and Mama. Evie slept fine and woke up mostly back to normal. We skipped church since neither kid could go to the nursery. I felt badly because on Facebook, our minister wrote that the Sunday after Easter is 'low' Sunday because the attendance is always down after Easter. Henry napped and then we went to Target for our big outing of the weekend. The Easter Bunny was unable to find a tricycle for Evie but we found one this morning. It was on sale for almost nothing and it was pink! Of course, Evie was thrilled and has had a ball riding it all day. I took her on a long ride and then Carl took her for another one. Best part, is that it wears her out which makes naptime and bedtime a piece of cake.


  1. Good grief...hope everyone is feeling better! Your children are beautiful!

  2. Yes......they look like their Pop.

  3. Loving the tricycle! The Easter Bunny wanted to bring one here too because Avery's is a little too big. We could use some wearing out! Hope everyone is better. Around 14 months Avery had a mystery fever and the doctor could see healing blisters in her throat, so we think it was hand foot and mouth. No fun when they are sick.

  4. Love the family Easter picture and the one of Evie and Carl sleeping. Cuteness all the way around! And Davis just got over hand, foot and mouth two week ago. You're right, it sounds so horrible and in a way, it is! The little ones suffer from those nasty blisters and we suffer from their crankiness! Glad Henry is on the mend!


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