Saturday, August 18, 2012

Cheekwood: Highballs and Hydrangeas

Carl took me on the best date last night to Cheekwood for their Highballs and Hydrangea's party. It was so much fun. We cannot wait to go back to the next one!Weather was nice and cool but the humidity did a number on everyones hair. It was so funny to see all the women in the bathroom trying to tame the curls and fly aways.

It was definitely the place to see and be seen with ages ranging from early twenties to people that were over eighty. People were wearing everything from their best cocktail dress to their Tennesee Khakis - blue jeans! Everyone seemed to be having fun! Lots of press were there and one of the social magazines even took our picture. Can't wait to see if we make it in the magazine. Cheekwood was all decked out for the occasion and looked beautiful under the stars.

Carl and I really enjoyed the selection of food from dozens of area restaurants including Boundry, Wild Iris, Yellow Porch, Table 3 and Nero's. Some of the restaurants went all out preparing their best to entice all the patrons into their restaurants passing out discount coupons to sweeten the deal. Food was included in the price of admission which at $25 was a real steal. We feasted on salmon mouse cups, lobster salad, tuna, ham biscuits, beef tenderloin. Everything was absolutely delicious.

We had a blast dancing to the music, people watching and trying new drinks - all at the same time. There were some really amazing dancers! There were also some that should perhaps check out their moves in the mirror before prancing around on stage. Band did an outstanding job playing everything from Brick House to jazz tunes.

Highballs and Hydrangeas was the perfect way to end our crazy week. It was a blast!

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  1. That sounds like an awesome party! I love the name. You look so pretty! I had to laugh at the TN khakis - that's so funny.


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