Monday, August 13, 2012

What a long, strange trip it has Been!

We just returned home from a fun yet crazy weekend, one thousand miles of driving in five days, three cities, one new iPhone, an EMS call, bellyaches times three plus lots of good times with friends and family. It's always good to be home but we sure did have a nice visit.

On Thursday, we left for Atlanta after lunch. Evie was so excited to see her cousins and kept asking, "Are we there yet?" It was so good to see Lollie, Kurt and our beautiful, sweet nieces Mary and Lucy.

On Friday, we left for Belton to see my college friend Lindsay and her family. I had not met her precious new bundle of joy, Maggie. She is so adorable! I am glad that I was able to see her before she got too big. Lindsay made us a delicious lunch and the best dessert ever - smores' bars. I will be making these tomorrow. Evie and James played so well together. Lindsay and I wish that we lived closer so they could burn off some energy together. Mac was the Pied Piper with the kids. He took them tomato picking in the garden, read them books and kept them entertained outside.

After lunch, we headed to Sunset to visit Carl's parents. Kurt and his family joined us there and we had a great weekend celebrating birthdays, watching the kids play and catching up.

Evie is infatuated with her cousins and wants to be just like them. Mary and Lucy showed off their fabulous swimming skills and now Evie talks about her strokes. She was obviously paying attention since backstroke and freestyle are a regular part of her vocabulary! Lollie made a delicious rainbow cake and now Evie is drawing rainbows nonstop. Evie went tubing for the first time. Mary had the idea to get Poppy a large tube for his boat as a birthday present from all the grandchildren.  That birthday present was fun for us all! 

She She and Poppy enjoyed having all their grandchildren together at one time. It does not happen often since we live so far away from everyone.  Evie had her first milkshake and Henry had his first boat ride so it was a successful weekend!

We left this morning to come home. Henry had been sick all weekend so Carl took him to the doctor. Poor little guy is having some major tummy trouble so hopefully we can it figured out tomorrow. Hope you had a fun weekend too!


  1. Sounds like a fun trip, even with the EMS call and tummy aches! Henry sure is growing up and such a handsome fellow. Love Evie's smile in the picture of you three on the boat.

  2. so sorry henry has had some tummy troubles! hope y'all get it figured out soon. LOVE LOVE LOVE the new look of your blog. so classic! :) your pictures are precious as always - looks like y'all had a great time. and.... i didn't know you had family in atl!! you'll have to let me know next time you're in town! :)

  3. Pretty, pretty blog! What a fun trip (even with teh downs, lol)


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