Friday, August 24, 2012

Week in Review!

What a week! Navigating the world of napping is hard work. Evie just cannot decide if she needs a nap or not. Carl and I think that napping is necessary since she falls asleep sitting up by 6:30 which means she wakes up entirely too early the next day. Call us silly but falling asleep sitting up in your bed probably means you are tired and that a nap might just help. It's been a tiring week dealing with our cranky girl but she is still the sweetest 3 year old around!

Monday: Both kids went to get haircuts and then we ran a few errands. I took them to Pet Smart to see the fish and birds which thrilled their little hearts. Evie loved going to Pet Smart as a baby and it's just one of those things that we never do any more. We played outside with our boys that afternoon which is always fun! Courtney and I enjoyed a glass of wine together and some girl talk. Carl was convinced that Courtney laced the wine with some mood altering drug because I was so much happier after he returned from his jog. It's amazing what a little time away from the daily grind will do for my sanity. I made a delicious dinner of chicken picatta and then went to bed early.

Tuesday: Evie went to meet her new teacher, Ms. Karen. They hit it off immediately because Ms. Karen has a classroom filled with princess clothes plus Molly was there too! Evie loves to play kitchen so I threw a few essentials into a tub for her and made it a real game. She loves this so much that I have been able to accomplish a few things around the house. We celebrated National Waffle Day with a waffle play date. It was wild and crazy but so much fun. I helped make waffles and had no idea that it was so easy. Carl takes waffle duty in our family. Henry ate his weight in waffles and Evie kept wondering where "the syrup like at my house" was since real maple syrup was on the menu. Carl came home to see everyone before going out with a customer. Evie napped so she stayed up late with me. I had so much fun playing with her outside but had a real time getting Henry to sleep that night. Someone always needs me! That's just life with kids.

Wednesday: You can read all about our Wednesday here.

Thursday: I am happy to report that Thursday was a much better day. Courtney and the boys came over for a play date. We had so much fun! Evie asked me if we can do that everyday. Our kids play so well together that it really is a nice break for us too. Henry took a super long morning nap so he thought it'd be great to skip his afternoon nap. He did pretty well but it was pretty crazy juggling two exhausted kids. We went for a play date at Leah and Eddie's house. Evie was in awe of all the princess stuff in Leah's room. Not to mention, the three tiny kittens that they had rescued and were so adorable hanging out in their garage. I am fairly certain that Evie would still be at Leah's house now if I had not insisted that it was time to come home. Henry loves babies and enjoyed hanging with his friend Eddie. Evie and Henry went to bed early since they had not napped which left us to enjoy our delicious beef fajitas from cooking club all by ourselves.

Friday: Henry woke up way before the roosters. He was down for nap time by 7:30 if that tells you anything.  It worked out well because we went to Let it Shine at 10 for some gymnastics fun. Evie is quite certain that she is is ready to compete in the next Olympics. Henry loved the foam blocks and has no idea that he is a 13 month old baby boy as he slid down the slide with the big kids. Everyone was in need of some lunch so we stopped at McDonald's. It's amazing the difference that food and sleep make in children and their Mama's.  After lunch, we all felt better and made a quick Target run for chocolate milk and birthday presents. Both kids decided to nap at the same time which worked out well since we have a birthday party at the witching hour of 5 o'clock. Bring on the cupcakes!

Happy Friday, y'all! Hope you have a terrific weekend. See you on Sunday.


  1. i am pretty sure we live parallel lives :)
    and i can't believe how light henry's hair looks in these pics! he looks like such a big boy!

  2. I am with you on the naps! I have a 3 year old and 6 month old. My 3 year old has recently started objecting to naps, but I insist he take one. If he is still for 2 minutes he falls asleep, but if he can't, then I rock him or lay beside him until he is asleep. The lengths I go to to get my kids to sleep! Most days I tuck him in and tell him I will be right back to check on him and by the time I go back (max 5 min) he is usually asleep. Hope she starts taking naps for you!

  3. So glad you left a comment...I had lost your blog!! Now I am a follower!! Your children...beautiful!!!

  4. Hey Jennifer,
    Love reading about your life with the kids. So impressed I see your blog by blogs I catch under blogs I read. Now have you bookmarked as a favorite. Still miss you guys & always will!


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