Thursday, August 16, 2012

Random Facts!

Courtney tagged me last week and I am just now sitting down to write 11 random facts about myself. Thanks for letting me off the hook on the questions, Courtney! I love to read random facts about other bloggers so here's 11 random facts about me.

1) I was born on Halloween and Carl was born on Christmas. We were really hoping for holiday babies and we were pretty close with a MLK weekend baby and a July 5th baby. Neither of us really get to celebrate our birthday on our actual birthday now that we have kids. Evie and Henry are way more into trick or treating and opening presents than celebrating another year of our life.

2) I am six years younger than Carl. We both graduated from College of Charleston but in different years. People get really confused and just assume that we met in college since we both graduated from CofC.

3)  I grew up going to camp and then worked as a camp counselor. Camp was an important part of growing up for me and I look forward to sending my kids to camp one day when they are older.

4) I love to organize but have to take everything out of the area before I can begin. Sometimes, this leads to lots of piles of stuff until I get around to putting it all back. I drove my parents crazy with this when I was a kid because when it was time to clean my room I would rearrange my furniture or take everything out of my closet before starting the cleaning. Now, I drive Carl crazy with my method of organizing our house.

5) We have lived in four houses in seven years including a five month rental when we moved to Nashville. Selling and buying houses is not fun but it's a necessary part of moving. We have bought three houses and sold two houses so moving seems pretty normal to me. We have lived in Nashville for three years. That makes Nashville, the city we have lived in the longest since we were married in 2005.

6)  School supplies are really fun for me to buy! I love them all - pencils, markers, notebooks, binders and have absolutely no use for them since my children do not really need any supplies for their school. That does not stop me from stocking up on glue sticks, mechanical pencils and brightly colored notebooks.

7) I am really good at keeping in touch with my friends from college and talk to most of them at least once a month and some lots more! I have not kept in touch with anyone from high school except on Facebook and email.

8) My sheets have to be white on my bed for me to sleep well and I have to sleep with two pillows. I have to read for a few minutes before bedtime or I have a difficult time getting to sleep. Sleeping is one of my very favorite activites!

9) I enjoy meeting new people but feel more comfortable interacting with others in small groups. Carl used to be more of the extrovert and I was the introvert but we have swapped places since becoming parents. I need time to myself every day which is hard to find so that makes me an introvert according to the textbook definition.

10) I love getting and sending mail! December is my favorite month for mail because of all the beautiful Christmas cards. I begin thinking about our family Christmas card long before most people.

11) Precise V7 rolling ball pens are my favorite and the only pen that I will use for anything that really matters such as a check, thank you notes or even a grocery list.

There you go, 11 random facts about me! I will skip the tagging but if you have a minute leave me a comment with one random comment about yourself to keep me from feeling so random.


  1. LOVE random facts about people!! we are very similar :)
    i can relate to #4...i am the exact same way! jeffrey always tells me that i have an "it gets worse before it gets better" style of organizing. :)

    and i love sending and receiving mail, too! i used to be so jealous of my mom growing up since she always got to check the mail and it always seemed like she was getting fun stuff - ha!

  2. I LOVE getting mail too. It's so exciting.

  3. Glad to hear I am not the only 2 pillow sleeper. My family thinks I am crazy, I just think it is comfy.A random fact is that I have a fear of birds, as in even decorative birds. I think this all started when I had to disect a huge black bird in college.

  4. Love these kinds of posts. I have so many more random things about me...11 didn't even scratch the surface! I love Christmas cards as well and am always thinking of ours(and Christmas in general) far in advance. I have a favorite type of pen too, but I will have to try yours. When I find good ones I keep them in my school bag so subs don't steal them, and I hide them at home from Ned!

  5. Love reading these! I'm working on my 11 things.. hopefully will post tomorrow! What's funny is that I never went to camp growing up (and would have hated it!) and have no plans to send my kids to camp unless they ask for it. :)


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