Thursday, August 30, 2012

Girls Night Out!

Evie napped yesterday for the first time since Friday. Since early bedtime was not an option, girls night out seemed like the perfect way to spend the evening.

I love taking Evie out by herself and let her choose our destination. Evie selected "the ice-cream place with the big cups not the cones." We left after dinner for our ice cream adventure.

Evie is like a whole different person and so am I when it's just the two of us.  It is so sweet to share special time with Evie without any distraction. Evie loves it too and still chants "girls trip, no boys allowed."

 I love the things she tells me when it's just me and my girl.

"Mama, I do not like red cars. Red cars are for boys. Don't get me a red car, okay."

"Look at the moon. It's high in the sky. Can we touch it? I bet the tooth fairy can touch it. Where does the tooth fairy live? Oh I know, she lives in a castle, right Mama?"

"When I grow up, I am going to be a Mama just like you. I can drive a silver van too and put my sunglasses on my head."

I can hardly handle the cuteness! We went to Sweet CeCe's. Evie loaded up her cup with all kinds of chocolate goodness. That would include chocolate ice cream with hot fudge, brownie bites and chocolate chips plus a few cherries and one gummy worm. Evie had the biggest grin the whole time and we had a blast!

I look forward to lots of girls trips - no boys allowed in our future.


  1. Cute! Since Davis is too little for these outings, I always make time to do such trips with Lindsey. That allows Allison and Lee quality time with Davis too. Looks like a cute Lilly dress on that sweet Evie...and in a pink and green chair to boot!

  2. Love these dates! I also love that Evie knows her ice cream places! Avery and I had a special morning last Saturday, and they are so fun and easy.


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