Friday, August 17, 2012

Week in Review!

Henry is growing his molars and frozen peas thrill him!

Depositing peas back into the freezer one by one kept him busy.

Evie played "snow day" and served as Henry's "snack helper" all at the same time.

Painting with combs kept her busy. We worked on our masterpieces for nearly an hour.

Painting ice cubes was super fun and transferring frozen cubes was even more entertaining.

It's been a wild week at The Niemeyer Nest! I am going to keep this short because nap time is almost over.

We traveled back home on Monday and that went really well especially lunchtime. Carl took Henry to the doctor shortly after we arrived home since he had a fever and belly issues. I was really proud of Carl for taking Henry to the doctor by himself for the first time! It gave me a chance to catch up on laundry, clean the house and play with my sweet girl.

On Tuesday, we made a quick Target run for milk and diapers to replenish our supplies. I took the kids to Chick fil A for lunch and Evie had fun playing while Henry ate for what seemed like hours. I put Henry to bed after Carl got home and went to run a quick errand but came home quickly because Henry was sick again! Poor thing was just not feeling well. Carl changed the sheets and tried giving him some ginger ale. Henry is not a fan of any liquid besides milk and water. 

Carl left early on Wednesday for a jaunt across Tennessee - driving from Nashville to Knoxville and then to Chattanooga all on on the same day. Not sure how he does it, that makes me tired just typing his itinerary. That left me with the kids and we just hung out at home all day. After nap time, we headed over to the park for some fresh air and playtime. Evie made a friend but then decided "that girl not nice, Mama" after she accidentally knocked down Henry. Evie let the poor girl have it, " You knocked down my husband. That hurts him. Don't do that again." Yes, Evie often refers to Henry as her husband.

Henry seemed to be doing better on Thursday so we headed out to the park and to Publix. I had been really itchy and then developed some hives. My doctor could not see me so I just took some benadryl. Took the kids to the pool along with Courtney and her boys. Evie had a blast. Everyone went to bed early and my hives kept getting worse.

Evie woke up with a bad dream but I was so tired that I thought that the thunder storm was scaring her. I hopped in bed with Evie and we slept until 8. That was a nice treat! My hives had spread so I decided to go to the doctor. Evie went to play with her boys and Henry went with me. Doctor gave me a steroid shot and now they are even worse than they were. Maybe, they have to get worse before they get better! Evie skipped her nap but rested quietly in her room while I napped. We may be moving past naps but quiet time is still going to be a daily requirement for us all.

Carl will be back later today and we are heading out on a date. Hope he does not mind my red, splotchy appearance. Someone always seems to be sick in our house except Evie. She manages to stay healthy despite the rest of us.

Happy Friday, y'all! I hope it will be a fabulous weekend for you.

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  1. Poor thing! I hope you find some relief from the hives soon and learn the cause. Please send Evie to VA so she can talk to Avery about the quiet part of quiet time.


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