Friday, August 3, 2012

Week in Review

Monday: I was without wheels which forced us to have a day at home. I was able to get a few things accomplished but mostly picked up after Henry He loves to make a big mess and I am patiently waiting for this phase to cease. Evie and I had fun playing park and painting while Henry slept. After nap, we headed outside to enjoy the cooler weather. Crazy when 88 seems cool. Henry and Evie had a blast pulling everything out of the garage. We cooled off with Popsicles. Henry cried for more after he finished his orange Popsicle.  Everyone went down for a nap. I was exhausted after helping Evie with her nightmare around 2:00 am. Someone always seems to wake up around here! Henry did not sleep long due to some tummy troubles. Carl got home and took me to pick up my van. It was such a refreshing break from reality to drive home sans children. Life sure has changed! Henry went right to bed and Evie stayed up doing projects with Carl. He got a kick out of her directing art time.

Tuesday: Most of the day was spent cooking and then we were all out of sorts the rest of the day. Evie slept until 5 and poor Henry was so tired that he was not able to nap well at all. I babysat Campbell and Christian which is always a real treat. They are such sweet boys!

Wednesday: We made a quick trip to Costco and Harris Teeter and then spent the rest of the day at home. Evie did not nap but did rest quietly in her room. We did some "school stuff" after her rest time. Evie loves to think she is a big girl doing work. She likes to spell peoples names and we made  a little number book. By the time, Carl got home, she was inconsolable and not happy at all. She's at an in between place where she needs a nap but if she naps too long than she goes to bed too late. It was our turn to go out tonight and we chose Burger Up. Dinner was good but my drink was delicious. Blood orange sangria, so refreshing on a hot summer night.

Thursday: Henry caught up on his sleep with a 2.5 hour morning nap! That was awesome, I was able to clean out all my kitchen cabinets and the pantry. It feels good to cross that off my to-do list because it sure needed to be done. We met Evie's friend Molly and her Mama at the YMCA this morning. Our girls played while we worked out. It's always nice to have someone to chat with while on the treadmill. Evie was quick to give me a run-down on Henry when I picked her up. Evie took a late nap so she stayed up with us for grilled chicken and the Olympics. Our sweet girl is just getting too big! She keeps telling me things are not fair. I had no idea that this would start so early in her little life. That statement, just does not sit well with me coming from a 3 year old so I do not permit her to say it. Evie has decided to say, "that's not true" while reminding me that " it's not fair is mean talk and we don't talk mean. We talk nice so people be our friends."

Friday: We had a lazy morning at home with both kids sleeping later than mormal. Then, we met some friends at their neighborhood pool. Evie is infatuated with Jackson so that was a nice break for me. It's amazing how much more comfortable she is in the water now compared to the beginning of the summer. Poor Henry, just kept going under the water but he does not seem to mind too much. We had a little picnic at the pool and then came home for nap time. The stars lined up and both kids are sleeping at the same time. That will not last long so it's time for me to go make good use of the time.

Happy Weekend, Everyone!

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