Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Evie goes to the Dentist!

Evie was long overdue for her first visit to the dentist so I decided this week would be the perfect week since my mom is in town to take care of Henry. I had to wake Evie up from her nap to go to the dentist which is never a good way to start off an activity especially the dentist. Evie chose to take Raffi along for comfort. She cried off and on all the way to the dentist telling me that her teeth were clean because she brushes them at home and that she does not need to go to the dentist. I talked it up BIG time naming all of her friends that have been to the dentist lately and telling her about the cool chair and the new toothbrush.

I braced myself for the worst but Evie was a total rock star! She had a ball once her initial apprehension vanished.

I took Evie to our regular dentist, Dr. Myers. He is wonderful and his office staff is so sweet. Dr. Myers had told me on my last visit that he was happy to see Evie and that dentists are like pizza. You can order pizza from Papa John's and it's good or you can go to Chuckie Cheese and the pizza is good plus the kids are entertained. I'm not a Chuckie Cheese kind of Mama so this worked out just fine.

They worked hard to make Evie's first dental visit a success from playing a kid show on the television, to princess bracelets and even allowing her to try on some surgical gloves. Evie was very impressed with the whole experience and did so much better than I had anticipated.

Evie was such a big girl and did exactly what they told her and used her manners. I am so proud of my big girl and thrilled to report that she received an excellent report from the dentist. Evie has a mouthful of sparkling, white teeth and a new toothbrush with stars and planets to motivate more brushing!

We could not have asked for a better first visit to the dentist.


  1. Way to go Evie! I'd been wondering if Raffi was still around. Avery needs to visit the dentist for the first time this summer so don't feel so behind. I plan on using my regular dentist as well. I didn't even have TVs in my childhood dentist and was just fine, so that will be all the bells and whistles she needs, I hope. I know you are enjoying your mom! Glad to see a post from you!

  2. way to go evie! they always have a way of surprising us, don't they? :)
    she looks so pretty and grown up in her dress!


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