Friday, July 27, 2012

Week in Review

It's been a fun and productive week but it sure did not start off that way.

Monday: It was a wild day! Henry was up all night for some reason and I was exhausted. Evie was so sweet to watch Dora while I took a quick nap while Henry slept. Everyone was much happier after a little rest. We headed back to Sky High to jump on the trampolines with some friends. It's such a cool place and burns lots of energy. Definitely go on a Monday during Munchkin Monday because it's so expensive any other time of the week. After naps, we made some pink cupcakes and a pasta dish for dinner. Henry went to town on dinner. Evie prefers her broccoli without sauce.

Tuesday: Henry took an early morning nap because Evie had camp. We were late getting to camp due to the morning nap and then construction was crazy. After I dropped off Evie, I learned a new way back that was much faster than the route suggested by my navigation system. Henry and I went to the gym. It felt good to have a little break and watch some TV on the treadmill. I nearly had a heart attack when picking up Henry because they could not find Henry in the childcare. I was beginning to panic when it suddenly dawned on me that the lady had special needs and was not comprehending that I needed to pick up Henry. There were about 20 other childcare workers in the facility taking care of the children and of course Henry was happily playing outside. That's not a good feeling to think your child is lost even though rationally I knew that he was there. Also, I realize that people with special needs thrive with employment but I was so worried about my little guy. After our little scare, Henry and I went to a pool play date. It was so easy to just have Henry at the pool. He is content to hang out in his float or swim around for a few minutes in the Puddle Jumper. Evie was not thrilled at all that we had been at the pool when we picked her up. Everyone took naps and then we headed to run a few errands. Carl needed his dry cleaning and I was out of chocolate milk for Evie which would be a major disaster around these parts. We decided to swing by the library to pick up a few books and DVD's. Carl was home when we got back because he had a dinner meeting. He took them out to Urban Grub since he liked it so much last week. Henry went to bed early and Evie and I worked on some projects. Have you seen milk painting on Pinterest? Evie highly recommends milk painting! It's easy to set up, all families have milk in the fridge and it occupies the children for at least 15 minutes.

Wednesday: We stayed home and had a productive day getting things crossed off our never-ending list of to-do's.  It was fun to take a mid-morning break to go play outside with The C's and then Carl joined us for lunch on his way out of town to Jackson, Mississippi.  After naps, we headed to the pool with The C's and it was mass chaos with way too many kids in the pool. Our pool trip was short lived because it makes us batty to keep up with our kids among a sea of unsupervised children. Henry decided that he loved egg salad at supper time. That's better than the memory card that he decided to snack on earlier in the day hence my lack of pictures this week. Henry keeps us on our toes. He clears the cabinets faster than I can pick up the mess. Evie and Henry are playing so nicely these days. It's so heartwarming to see them having fun together and taking care of each other. Evie helped me give Henry a bath in the sink after supper. Sweet girl is a BIG helper! I wrote my 1000th post which just seems unbelievable!

Thursday: Evie went to camp at Inside Out. She was so excited because that is where her birthday party was back in January. I was super impressed with the way the camp was operated and the counselors were sweet. Henry was mad as a hornet that he did not get to stay and play too so we will have to get back there one day soon. We went to run a few errands and made a quick trip to the doctor. Henry loved having the run of the house when we got home and played with all the toys without being reprimanded by our Queen Bee. Soon, it was time to pick up Evie so we ran back out to get her. Evie had a blast at camp and wants to go back, although she was quite disappointed that cake was not served. Too bad, camp season is over since school starts here soon. I received an email from camp that "Evie was a perfect princess at camp." It was a dress-up theme which suited Evie just fine. She was very wound up that she did not sleep but rested quietly in her room for two hours. Carl was still out of town so I decided to take the kids to Chick fil A for dinner. We had coupons for free meals from participating in Bible school last week. It makes me proud to support a business that does such a phenomenal job of supporting our community. Chick fil A was crazy busy and Henry was picked up by a random ten year old a few times too many so we decided to get out of there. I made the mistake of deciding to run two quick errands which were not quick since everyone was coming home from work. Oh well, we made it and were all relieved to get home. Bathtime and bedtime were next on our agenda!

Friday: Our neighbor's alarm for their pool was going off all night so I barely slept but the kids slept through it. Henry woke up right as it was going off about 2 but went back to sleep. He took an early morning nap and then we headed to Monkey Joe's to meet Evie's little friend Leah. They were so excited to see each other and had a ball jumping around for over an hour. Friday's are never good days to frequent places like that so we decided to call it a day as the place kept filling up with kids. We made a quick trip to The Flour Shop for some sweet treats and then picked up our grocery order at Harris Teeter. Our favorite employee, Amy, is transferring to another store. She is such a hard-worker and makes our frequent grocery pick-up's a breeze. I will miss seeing her but at least our Harris Teeter is going to stay open. My parent's HT closed recently as part of a store consolidation. We made it home for a quick lunch and then naps. Henry and Evie were both ready for nap time after our busy morning. I had to wake Evie up at 5. Carl arrived home from his trip and we took my van out to the dealership. Henry went to bed and Evie stayed up to watch the Olympic opening ceremony with us. We had so much with our sweet girl eating red, white, blue yogurt for her and spicy chicken for us. Dessert was an ice-cream sundae. Evie found the opening ceremony fascinating for about an hour and then lost interest.

We have a busy weekend planned which is always fun yet exhausting! Hope your weekend is off to a great start.

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  1. adorable pictures! I wish I could take Gracie to a jump place because she would love it, but she is just too young


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