Thursday, July 19, 2012

Henry's First Haircut!

Yes, he had his haircut two weeks ago. It seemed like a good idea to blog about it since this is our baby book too. Henry was in desperate need of a haircut!

We went on his actual birthday for the haircut. Carl met us at Great Clips because it's half between our house and his work. Evie went first with her trim and then Henry. I put him on the booster seat and the stylist told me not to worry that babies sit there all the time without falling. Carl and I were hesitant about this because Henry is a mover and a shaker. Within two minutes, she changed her mind and had Henry sit on my lap for his haircut.

He looks like such a big boy now with his new haircut. Can't believe that my baby boy is 1!


  1. I love his haircut. He looks ADORABLE!

  2. So precious! Was it hard? Graves is in pretty bad need of one and it just feels like such a grown up thing! Henry looks so cute, though, it might be enough to make me do it, finally.

  3. I just love Henry's haircut! I think he's adorable!

  4. Love this post! We love sharing First Haircut stories on our blog--if it's okay for us to include this story there, can you email us at


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