Friday, July 13, 2012

What's Been Going On?

It's been a wild ride of a week! I spent a week getting ready for Henry's party and now it's been almost a week recovering from it. We had a wonderful visit with my mom! Carl will be home shortly from Tucson and my sweet babies are exhausted. It's time to prepare for a relaxing weekend without any plans! My idea of a fun weekend sure has changed since becoming a Mama.

Monday: Carl left for his trip right after breakfast. We drove to Cheekwood to see the tree houses. Of course, Cheekwood is closed on Monday's. AHH! Oh well, we drove to Adventure Science Center. It was our first visit. Everyone had told me that it was hard to get to and that's an understatement. Without my navigation system, we might still be looking for it! Evie had a ball. It's really a great place to take the kids. There is a HUGE playground that stretches three stories high that made me a bit nervous trying to keep up with Miss Evie. After naps, we headed to the playground, it was Henry's first visit to the playground without our trusty stroller. He is loving the freedom of his walking feet! I think it's much easier to have a walker although I still cart him around a lot on my hip. We decided to swing by Blue Coast Burrito for some dinner. Nana took Evie outside to play while I put Henry to bed and then we all enjoyed some leftover birthday cake.

Tuesday: Evie went to camp and I ran a few errands while my mom kept Henry. We went to look for some fabric for Evie's headboard. I found some that I like but it's going to be tough to pull coral and pink together since interior decorating is not my best skill. Evie had a ball at camp but did not nap that afternoon. Henry went to stay with Courtney and the boys while my mom and I took Evie to tea at Lillie Belle's. It was special to have some girl time. Too bad, I did not get any good pictures. Evie enjoyed herself and thought the sugar bowl was the best part along with the bathroom. Mom and I thought the food was delicious. We were stuffed after our afternoon tea. Henry enjoyed himself while we were gone. Evie and Henry went to bed early after our busy day.

Wednesday: Henry slept until 8 which is always a nice treat. It would be even nicer if Evie could sleep late on the same day. We decided to go back to Cheekwood. Evie loves the tree houses but she was not in the best mood. Thankfully, she made a new friend, which cheered her right up. Alice saved the day! I highly recommend a Cheekwood membership because it's easy to breeze in and out to see the exhibit without feeling like you have to stay longer because of the admission price. We stopped at McDonald's on the way home. It was Henry's first visit to McDonald's and he crawled right up into the play area and had a grand time. Evie went to the dentist after naptime. I made a new salmon dish off Pinterest. It was quite good and healthy which is always a plus especially after a McDonald's lunch. Bedtime was pretty much a disaster this night but that happens some nights. Evie finally was asleep by 9.

Thursday: It was another rainy day and Evie was off to camp again. My mom and I went to another fabric store and then to Costco. Henry went down for an early nap and then I picked up Evie. Nap time was a success after the previous night! We took Nana back to the airport. It was quite the adventure getting there and back because the rain causes people to forget how to drive. Henry cried all the way there and all the way back. Everyone went to bed early! I promised Evie that I would sleep in her room one day while Carl was gone. She loved it but I barely slept at all. Evie kept chatting all night, handing me loveys and even followed me to the bathroom. Best part of sleeping in there was that I could not hear Henry in the night so maybe he broke his nocturnal waking habit that has formed in the last week.

Friday: It was another rainy morning. Henry was still exhausted and went down early for his nap. Evie and I took a shower and she wanted me to paint her toes. We woke Henry up around 10:30 to meet Courtney and the boys for lunch. Let's just say the other patrons at Chipolte were probably thrilled to see us depart. There were no tears or tantrums, just wild shenanigans. Courtney and I decided that ordering pizza or Chinese might be a better move for our next lunch date. It's always fun to hang out with my friends especially by Friday.  I tried to pick up the house a bit especially our bedroom and bathroom since Carl will be home soon. It's always nice to come home to a clean house!

Hope you had a good week and that your weekend is filled with exactly what you want!

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