Sunday, July 15, 2012

Weekend Wrap-up!

We did absolutely nothing this weekend besides watch the rain fall down. I like low-key weekends but this was a little too low-key for me.

It has not rained in months until the last week with rain falling every single day. Novelty is gone! Sunshine, please come back!

We went to Chick fil A for lunch but left because Henry kept getting knocked down in the play area. There was one baby about Henry's age stuck in the slide all by himself and another mom had to rescue him. She brought him down and asked around trying to find the Mama. That Mama was no where to be found so I sure hope she put down her nugget long enough to come retrieve her crying baby.

We picked up my van from the Honda Dealership. Instead of an annoying clicking sound, we have a much bigger problem because the entire navigation system was knocked out. Thankfully, we are still under warranty but it's frustrating to deal with frequent trips to the dealership.
We went to the pool on Sunday and it started pouring as soon as we got there. Rain so heavy that even the pool was closed. Henry kept looking at us trying to figure out what in the world was going on and Evie made continuous requests to go home. Of course, the rain stopped and the sun came out as soon as we pulled into our neighborhood. Evie found this quite perplexing so Carl told her that sometimes this is just life.  She was happy to stomp around in a few puddles in lieu of swimming at the pool. I know this will be a fond memory one day because it was just so comical getting two kids lathered with sunscreen, bags packed and just as we walk up those steps to the pool; the rain poured down.

Nap time was the ultimate success with both children napping for the same two hours. I left to go see a movie with Courtney. Carl kept the kids under control and grilled some pork chops. Or "pork a choppas" as Evie calls them. She did not have any interest in eating one but did eat two go-gurts and a chocolate milk. Calcium is her best nutrient! Henry devoured the pork chops. It continues to amaze us how two kids can be so different.

That's it folks, nothing too interesting. Not even a picture but it was a good weekend. Hope you had a good one too.

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