Friday, July 20, 2012

Week in Review: VBS and Date Night

We had a fun week with lots of plans! We were out of the house every single morning which is challenging but we enjoyed ourselves.

Monday: Evie started VBS at her preschool. She spent a great deal of time deciding what to wear and finally decided that a headband would complete her look. Evie was thrilled to see some of her little friends from school at VBS. Henry and I went to Chick fil A to meet some friends for breakfast. He snoozed in the car and I just enjoyed the silence until it was time to pick up Evie. Carl came home and helped me prepare the children for bed. After they were both asleep, I went to Sopapilla's for dinner. It was a delicious meal and always wonderful to chat with other moms in the same stage of life as me. I had a mango salad with grilled Mahi and pineapple. Salad is not usually my first choice at a restaurant but this has become my new favorite dish on their menu.

Tuesday: Evie went to VBS and Henry came home with me for his morning nap. We went to the YMCA after nap time. Every time, we go to the Y something crazy seems to happen as if taking two kids in the nursery is not enough action. Henry was evacuated from the nursery because of a smell coming from the sewer. Pretty crazy! He did not seem too worried at all. Evie would have been a basket case if this happened to her. I told Evie about it and she asked me if Henry made the smell that got everyone "vacuated." She cracks me up!

Wednesday: Evie went to VBS and Henry went with me to the gym. They lost his cup and he ate mulch off the playground in case you wondered what happened on this visit. He's always happy though so I just keep taking him. We ran to Costco quickly to get a few things before Henry's 12 month appointment. Henry weighs 21 pounds which is the 25% and his height was in the 75%. Dr. B gave Henry a glowing report! Poor Henry, had three shots so he passed out on the way to get Evie. We came home for a quick lunch. Evie decided to skip her nap but she rested quietly in her room. We met some friends for ice-cream and then came home to play outside with Carl. Henry went to sleep and Evie stayed up to see the babysitter. Carl and I went on a double date with Christian and Courtney to Urban Grub. If you are local, check this place out! We all enjoyed it so much after we adjusted to being the oldest people there. We were not quite the oldest people but it's a young crowd for sure because of it's location. Try the Pork Fries, pieces of pork tenderloin, battered and fried then served with a white barbecue sauce for dipping. Dessert was AMAZING! Carl and I shared the peanut butter chocolate bar and it was so good. Courtney and Christian had the banana pudding torte that was gorgeous and outstanding!

Thursday: We all went to VBS because I was teaching the elementary kids. It's only been 3 1/2 years since I taught school but I had forgotten how much time teachers spend on classroom management. Goodness Gracious! It was interesting teaching now that I am a Mama because I'd wonder which one of the kids in my groups would be my Evie and Henry in a few years. It was a nice break for me to spend the morning with older kids and I had fun teaching again. Henry was exhausted after skipping his morning nap but he made it through 3.5 hours in the nursery! That's a record for him. He had his little friends with him which helped and they passed out lots of snacks which always makes everything better. Henry never sleeps well when he is overly tired so he had a super short nap which resulted in a super early bedtime.

Friday: Evie woke up in the night from the horrible storms and convinced me to stay in bed with her. She normally sleeps right through the storms but this was pretty bad with lots of lightning flashing in the windows. Henry slept right through the storm. We stayed home until after nap time and then headed to the pool for the rest of the morning with our boys. Evie spent some time kissing Campbell and then playing with her spinning Belle water toy. Courtney and I were pleasantly surprised that the pool was not overly crowded. Both kids napped well and then we did some laundry. Carl got home a little early so Evie and I headed to the Y. I had told Evie that she could go in the bounce house but it is closed on Friday afternoons. OOPS! That did not go over well at all until she spotted a few of her friends in the other room. Friends make everything better and she was fine. Carl fed Henry supper while I was gone and then I bathed him and put him to bed. Evie stayed up with us since she napped later than usual. We sat outside for dinner and enjoyed some precious time with our sweet girl who is growing literally before our eyes. She is such a BIG girl now and so much fun.

Hope you have had a great week and that your weekend is off to a terrific start.

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