Sunday, July 22, 2012

Weekend Wrap-up!

It's been a low-key weekend with nothing too exciting to blog about. Sometimes it can be nice to just take it easy for a few days.

Saturday: I caught up on some chores around the house while Carl worked in the yard. It's always funny to try to straighten up with my kids around. I read the other day that cleaning up with kids is like eating oreos while brushing your teeth. That pretty much sums it up! We went to the pool after nap time and had a good time. Sunny skies with moderate temperatures makes for the perfect pool day. Pool hardly had anyone in it which is always a plus. Carl grilled chicken for dinner and I made some sides. We sat outside and enjoyed the beautiful night.

Sunday: Carl took the kids and I slept in until 7. Something is wrong with the phrase "sleeping in until 7" but it was still nice not to have to jump out of bed quite so early. Henry went down for an early nap while Carl rested a bit. He's feeling a bit under the weather. Evie and I played school which happens to be her favorite game these days. She takes it very seriously and reminds me to raise my hand before speaking. Not sure that Evie would ever remember to raise her own hand in class! After Henry woke up, we headed to late church and it's always worth the effort once we are sitting in the pews sans children. I picked them up after communion and managed to still catch that our minister is leaving to go to another church. Carl missed that announcement which made me laugh since it was pretty much the defining moment of the service. We picked up some chips and dip from Local Taco on the way home and snacked a bit while Carl watched some golf. Then, he grilled yummy hamburgers for lunch and everyone went down for a nap. After naps, I ran a few errands and then we played outside. Nothing too exciting! Now I am just waiting anxiously to see which guy Emily chooses to spend the rest of her life next month of her life with.


  1. I felt like golf would never end. Ned has watched it for days and I watch about 30 seconds and still saw the most exciting and important part. Glad it was a great weekend!

  2. Henry and Evie's outfits are adorable!

  3. Laid back weekends are the best! Happy Monday:)

  4. Your children have such gorgeous eyes and smiles!!


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