Thursday, July 5, 2012

July the 4th!

We had a fun holiday! It was laid-back without too many plans which is always a nice way to spend a holiday. We headed to the pool for the morning with our two little fish. Evie and Henry both LOVE the water and would spend the entire day there. It's pretty exhausting to keep up with Henry since he is all over the place but it sure makes for a great nap time. Our pool had a 4th of July party with pizza, sno-cones, and watermelon that were free for everyone. Now, that's something to celebrate!

Evie rested in her bed but did not sleep which made me a basket case because I knew that'd she be up late for the fireworks. Carl and I made it clear that crying and whining would result in not going to see the fireworks. I think the excitement of the 4th plus being with her boys kept her in high spirits.

We enjoyed a delicious meal of skirt steak, an awesome corn salad and bread with our favorite neighbors. It was all so yummy! I had four helpings of the corn salad. Brownies and watermelon were served for dessert. Henry LOVES watermelon and was covered from head to toe but that's okay because I never leave the house without an extra shirt for my messy boy.

Courtney and I took a few shots of our adorable children.

Then loaded the kids in the wagons for a walk over to the park to view the fireworks. There was some type of delay and it felt like the fireworks were NEVER going to start. Our kids were entertained with glow-in-the dark necklaces and running around the field. We were all relieved when they fireworks finally began. Evie liked them and then said they were too "soundy" but then decided again that she liked them. Henry stood next to me with his sweet little hand on my shoulder in awe of the bright colors lighting up the night sky. They were beautiful! We finally got everyone tucked into bed by about 11. It was a long day! Our kids had a ball and we did too. Hope you had a fun July the 4th too!

Of course, I kept reminsicing about last July the 4th, when I was as big as a house and Henry was scheduled to be born the next day. It seems like just yesterday in so many ways but I sure would not want to repeat the sleepless nights again. I snuggled my Henry a little longer last night and could not resist snapping a few pictures of my sleeping baby which caused him to wake up. That did not bother me though because it gave me more chances for snuggles and to plaster kisses on his soft cheek.

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  1. Oh my gosh, I was like "I know those boys..." Except I don't. At all. Just remember seeing them on Courtney's blog! Too funny.


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