Thursday, July 12, 2012

Henry's Party!

Henry's birthday party was last Saturday so I am a tad late getting this post cranked out. We decided to have a small party at home with just family and close friends. It was the perfect size and not overwhelming to plan for at all.

Henry had so much fun which is the most important thing. He loved playing in the water table, being passed around to his guests and of course eating some yummy birthday cake.

We served a light dinner of cucumber sandwiches, dips, macaroni and cheese bites and chicken nuggets for the kiddos. Every birthday party seems to have a tray of Chick fil A these days. Glass bottled coke, plenty of cold beer and my new favorite punch. Try it, for a refreshing beverage on a hot summer day. It's easy too: 1 can of frozen limeade, pineapple juice, club soda!

Henry's cake was beautiful and delicious! He really went to town on it unlike his sister who barely even tasted her cake.

 Sweet Birdie's Nest designed our precious invitations and paper products including the cute banner that I did not take a picture of during the party. I chose red and light blue as the colors so that some of the items could be reused in the coming years and for other events. Themes never seem to work out too well for me but it was easy to use two colors. I might have gone a tad overboard with my colors. Carl may have even suggested that I was a bit OCD. Let's look on the bright side, I am prepared for Valentine's and Christmas plus blue is always a good choice for entertaining.

Sweet Lu Lu was my source for candles, straws, ribbon and decorations. I love that website!

Henry was exhausted after the party and went straight to bed. Although, not for long because he had an upset tummy and did not sleep at all. Poor little guy!

Henry's party was a success! Still cannot believe that my sweet little boy is 1.

I always enjoy reading the real story . . .

Behind the Scenes:

I spent weeks scouring stores for blue and red decorations finally settling on gumballs, red hots and red shredded paper. Then, got real friendly with the glue gun, attaching ribbon to all my glass containers.

Carl bought a blue shirt and forgot to check the size. It was a small! We thought this was hysterical! Funny part, was that it actually fit!

Henry was walking around our room after his shower and made a little deposit on the floor just a few minutes before our guests arrived. Maybe Daddy will put the diaper on a little faster next time!

The handle on the fondant wagon that decorated the top of the cake fell off but I just re-attached it with some pink frosting that I had in the pantry.

My mom was extremely helpful and I could not have done it without her help. She ironed, chopped, and put together food!

My Dad and brother even matched my color scheme!

Carl and his parents ran errands all over town picking up nuggets, balloons and ice. All those last minute things that have to wait until the very end.

It was literally the hottest day imaginable. Our balloons kept popping and we were all drenched in sweat!

Evie loved all the presents especially the pink watch given to her by Christian and Campbell's grandmother. That watch was a hit!

Take more pictures than you think you'll need because you will always want more than you have! My FIL took lots of pictures and I snapped a few during cake time. I might try to recreate a few scenes this weekend in my spare time.

Next year, we will definitely go somewhere to have the party besides our house!


  1. How fun! I love the colors for an early July party. Sweet Birdie's Nest saved the day a few weeks ago. Avery's paper products are coming from Shop Sweet Lulu so I'm glad to hear another good review. Why I haven't placed my order for next weekend's party is another matter entirely. Loved the behind the scenes.

  2. It was such a special day for your precious Henry! We had a great time, so glad to be a part. Those family pictures are framers!:)

  3. What a beautiful party! I love the color combo.

  4. Love it! Love the colors and your cake is to die for. I am with you - I think next year I am moving the party out of my house as well :)

  5. Precious party!! And I love all the profile pics of Henry. His haircut is darling! And I love Ipop's personalized shirt!

  6. What a fun-looking party! I love that the whole family wore themed colours!


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