Friday, October 5, 2012

15 Months!

Dear Henry,

   You are 15 months old! It's been a busy month filled with changes. You are completly weaned and down to one nap a day. You copy everything that we do and are so aware of everything. It's so fun to see you mimic our everyday actions such as pushing the stroller while you are in my arms, holding the rail on the stairs or moving your head to the side like Daddy does when he uses his ear drops. You keep us laughing!

Vanilla soy milk is your drink of choice and your dairy is limited to a little cheese or yogurt. You have become much more picky in the last month and it's harder to get a complete meal in your belly. Everyone else has better food in your eyes even if we are all eating the same thing.  You tried peanut butter and seem to like it just fine. I love to see you attempting the use of utensils. Food goes everywhere but that is part of the process of learning to eat.

You sleep well most of the time. Bedtime is about 7 and you wake up between 7 and 8. Occasionally, you sleep until 8:30 which is a real treat for Mommy although your sister is usually awake. You love "Bun Bun" so much and cover your face with the blue bunny in your crib and like to be covered with a tiny blanket.

You are much more verbal than last month but in your own little language. You say "oh" a lot and bark incessantly when you see a dog.  You are always pointing at things that catch your eye and that sweet little finger is adorable as you discover new things.

Books have become much more fascinating to you. I often find you sitting in Evie's chair with a pile of books. Sometimes, when I am reading to Evie, you bring books one at time to us from your room. Your favorites are Karen Katz books and you find it great fun to tear out the flap instead of just lifting the flap.

Mother's Day Out has been wonderful for you and has really impacted your development physically and socially. You walk right in the classroom without a wave or hug goodbye. Brenda and Denise take such good care of you and you enjoy being with your friends especially Abigail. I find this amazing how adaptable you are to trying new things. Evie always had to let me know that she was not happy that I was leaving her but then was fine within a few minutes. You are happy to go anywhere with anyone. You get so excited when I carry you into the classroom and run to see the gym where you play with your friends. It's fun to peek in the window to see you before you notice me there. You are always happy and your teachers always give me a fantastic report.

You are starting to prefer me and Daddy at different times. Sometimes, you really want Daddy to hold you and other times you really want me to put you to bed. You let us know your opinion quite clearly.

You have even had a few tantrums with head banging and kicking on the floor. Evie never really did this but showed more emotion overall. You are either happy or not - there is no in between. Maybe that is a boy thing.

You had to get two stitches last week. Mommy was so sad for her little guy but you did just fine. They have already dissolved and it's almost impossible to notice the cut. That was a scary day and we are so thankful that you are okay.

We adore you, Henry. You give the best hugs and the juiciest kisses. You make us laugh and give us plenty of exercise as we attempt to keep up with you. Everyone tells me that you are all over the place and it's true - you are a little explorer. I love to see you so interested in the world around you.

There is lots to explore. Lots to learn and there will be many adventures headed your way. Always know, that we love you more than you know and are proud of you for being our son.

Love Always,

Mommy and Daddy

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  1. I love hearing all about Henry as I prepare for our months ahead. I'm amazed at how grown he looks. It's so interesting to hear the ways that he and Evie are different. Did he drop his nap on his own or did you encourage it? I'm thinking ahead to next summer and sometimes hoping that Sam will be down to one. Never thought I would hope to drop a nap!


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