Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Halloween Parade and Pumpkin Carving

We have been busy preparing for Halloween. Carl carved the pumpkins with the kids yesterday. Evie wanted a "Happy" pumpkin so that's what she got and then Carl carved a "Grumpy" pumpkin too. Henry had his first opportunity to sit on the kitchen counter and he could not have cared less about the excitement. He just wanted to eat his dinner. That's one of Henry's best skills. He did add an "uh -o" in every few minutes. My job was to pick out the seeds and wash the pumpkin goop off for roasted pumpkin seeds. Evie wanted to go outside again tonight for more pictures with her Jack o' Lanterns.

Evie's school had a Halloween parade this morning. Of course, our little princess was all about this activity. I found it a little underwhelming myself - it seemed like a lot of work for about two seconds of parade time. My photography skills were impacted by the aunt standing next to me because she found it imperative to chat with me about her latest personal issues. Evie enjoyed herself and that's all that matters. She was a beautiful Cinderella. Henry thought the parade was a wonderful time to eat a few crackers. All the moms went back to the classroom to retrieve the costumes and the kids were served allergen-free cupcakes.

Halloween is celebrated in a BIG way these days! Carl says we sure have done a lot of pumpkin c***. I agree, Halloween is certainly not what it used to be with a pillowcase loot bag and some face paint. The best part is celebrating with my little treats!


  1. Looks like lots of pumpkin fun! Like all other celebrations it is quite over done but the excitement from Evie and Avery's age is contagious.

  2. Cute! Love the pumpkins! We will be in Gastonia the early part of Thanksgiving week...Monday afternoon through Wednesday morning before heading to Atlanta. When will you be in town?


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