Friday, October 5, 2012

Week in Review: Sleep Coach, Play Dates and Bats

It's been a great week. Not sure, what made it great which would be helpful.

Monday: It was raining so Evie thought that we should skip ballet. Evie, that's why we have umbrellas. We went to the librrary to pick up a few books that I had on hold and then ballet. Evie is taking ballet at the YMCA now. I had her at different studio and then the Y called to let me know they had an opening. It's going so much better. The Y is less than 5 minutes from our house, lessons are much cheaper, Henry goes in childcare instead of me chasing him around a crowded waiting room and I am able to workout. Plus, Evie LOVES the teacher, Ms. Becky. I agree, Ms. Becky, is sweet, beautiful and works really hard to build up the girls confidence levels. "Come on in beautifuls. It's time to exercise our mind and body."

Tuesday: Evie went to school. Henry and I went to the Y and then to a meeting with a sleep coach with the MOMS Club. Evie and Henry both sleep really well but it seemed like a good idea to get a few new tricks. I'm glad that I went and wish that Jessica could have told me all this last year. Do your kids get a second wind right before bedtime? Yes, mine do too. That's coritsol, a stress chemical that causes the hyperactivity right when the body needs to wind down. Naps and bedtime need to be within a hour of the same time every night for optimum sleep conditions.  Here's a few tidbits from the lecture.

Five Reasons that Your Child Did Not Sleep well Last Night:

1) Too Late of a Bedtime: Young children need between 12-14 hours of sleep a day including naps and nighttime sleep. Children need 10-11 hours of nighttime sleep for the first nine years of life.

2) Nap Deprivation: Too late of a bedtime, skipped/short naps create an overly tired child.

3) Put child to sleep awake: let them do the work of falling asleep on their own.

4) Inconsistency: Babies can not tell time so it is important to respond the same way at every night waking.

5) Medical Conditions: asthma, allergies, reflux

After all of this, Henry and I met Carl for lunch which of course through our schedule off for the rest of the day. Henry was exhausted by the time Preschool Open House came along but Evie insisted that Henry accompany us to her school.

Wednesday: We stayed home and enjoyed a nice quiet morning at home. I was able to get lots of things accomplished around the house. Evie and I made the egg carton bats off Pinterest. It's the teacher in me but I cannot help thinking of how it could have been done differently. Acrylic craft paint would have been more effective or using a cardboard egg carton - which is hard to find these days. We headed to out on a playdate after Henry's nap to see the Onello's. Abby and Evie played well together and destroyed the house which is always the case. Evie is testing the limits with me big time right now. I am trying to stay calm and patient because she is still learning. Sometimes, I wonder how many times it's going to take before she follows my directions. Then, I remember that it often takes me a few times of trying things my way before I follow the directions of life. Carl picked up Wild Wing for dinner. He is thrilled that Wild Wing opened in our area. We watched the debate a little and then headed to bed.

Thursday: Evie and Henry both went to school. Show and Tell was such a hit on Tuesday that she needed something else for Thursday. Everything has to be orange this month.  So far, we have used orange plastic bugs and foam pumpkin shapes. I enjoyed my break while the children were asleep although those four hours just fly by so quickly. I met some friends for lunch, ran a few errands and then it was time to pick up my children. Evie goes with me to pick up Henry and she was just baffled that a little girl held on to my leg. "Mama, why did that little baby girl touch you. Where was her Mama? You are my Mama and Henry's Mama. Not her Mama."  Henry came home for a nap after school since he did not nap while in school. Evie and I worked on our bats a little and then made some cookies. Sweet Henry was not happy after his nap. It took him almost an hour to settle down. Carl took the kids outside while I went to the grocery store and then we put the kids to bed.

Friday: We enjoyed another quiet day at home. Henry celebrated his 15 month birthday with two naps. I spent lots of time really engaged with the kids and it was fun and behavior was so much better. We played everything under the sun - hospital, school, ballerina, puzzles, blocks even made a fort. I feel so fortunate to be home with my kids and want to make the most of the time. Evie and I were cuddling on the couch this afternoon and it makes me teary to think that she will be in kindergarten before long. Shrimp and Grits are on our menu for dinner. We are anticipating a nice low-key weekend and hoping for nice weather for some outdoor destinations.

Happy Weekend, Y'all!


  1. It makes me teary too -- I love being at home with my kids. I already miss them just THINKING about them being in school!

    We're very fortunate that Emily's school is allowing our visits (with parent)! It's a very small school (only 7 kids registered this term) and I think they see how hard the transition will be for Emily. It was actually their idea to do a weekly visit until she's ready to go (which could be a few months!)... she's still not loving it but hopefully she'll eventually feel comfortable being there... Then of course next Fall (Kindergarten) it will be a totally new school and different people and we might have to start back at square one!

  2. It must be something in the air for these girls because Avery has been off since our trip. The baby talk was so horrible tonight I thought I'd lose it. I have been thinking about an easel for Avery after seeing how often Evie uses hers. Looks like she was having a blast!

  3. i need a sleep coach!!!!! :)


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