Friday, October 19, 2012

Week in Review: Ear Infection, Ryman, Grandparents

Monday: Henry was not a happy camper so it was time to visit the pediatrician. He ended up with an ear infection. Poor thing! It was not our best day. I took dinner to a family from Evie's school so my cooking involved a baby on my hip. It's always nice to cook in the afternoon because it makes the dinner hour more pleasant to pop the dinner in the oven instead of cooking with cranky kiddos.

Tuesday: Henry and I stayed home to help him rest a bit. Carl and I went to our first show at the Ryman. We saw Jamey Johnson and were surprised to have guest appearances with Allison Krauss, Ronnie Dunn, Emmylou Harris and Willie Nelson. Show was short but sweet for certain. It was so fun to go out with my handsome husband for a night on the town. We enjoyed a delicious dinner at Jack's Barbecue - the line is always out the door so that's not a good choice with kids. After the show, we went in a honky tonk to catch some tunes and tried to catch a glimpse of Nashville - it was being filmed on Broadway. There were so many production assistants, food tables and equipment set up to make sure the show happens.

Wednesday: We had a super fun day at Kids Hour at Whole Foods. Evie and I used to go all the time but have not made it since Henry was born. We were the only ones there for the first half and then two other families joined us. Evie and Henry both loved the music and then we did a little grocery shopping. Evie had a ball pushing her cart through the store. It was a gorgeous day just perfect for a picnic. We spread a blanket and soaked in some sunshine hanging out in our backyard together. It was one of those days that really make me appreciate being a SAHM. After naps, we played outside with our boys. Carl was out of town so it was an early to bed night for everyone.

Thursday: Evie and Henry went to school while I cleaned the house. After school, we ran errands trying to find a Christmas outfit for Henry and a quick trip for some ice-cream. Evie thought it was hysterical that a boy told her that she had a bit of ice-cream on her face. She had a lot on her face! Henry needed a haircut so that was our next stop before coming home to greet Carl. Everyone was so excited to see Carl.

Friday: We went to a play date in the morning and then made a Costco and Harris Teeter trip. Evie selected some tiny princesses at Costco and it is the best $8.99 that I have spent in a long time. She loves her princesses! Carl's parents arrived late this afternoon. Evie was very excited to see them and to eat the boiled peanuts they brought with them. We tried to eat at Local Taco for dinner but it just got to be too much waiting with tired, hungry kids. Everyone was ready for bed. Evie is sleeping with all six of her tiny princesses lined up beside her bed. We are looking forward to a wonderful fall weekend with She She and Poppy.

Happy Friday, Y'all!

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