Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween

We had a fantastic Halloween celebrating with friends both morning and night. Our sweet friend Anna turned 2 and her Mommy threw her a super party with delicious cupcakes.

Then, we ate supper with The C's. Courtney made chicken tortilla soup. YUMMY!

Carl picked up a birthday cake for me and everyone enjoyed a sweet treat. What's a little more sugar on a day like Halloween. All of the kids were anxious to get busy collecting candy in our neighborhood. One little boy had a scary costume and none of our kids wre very impressed. Henry hid behind a tree perching in the grass. It was pretty hysterical!

The kiddos were excited with their loot. Henry even ate a candy bar - wrapper and all.

Evie had a ball ringing doorbells and knocking doors down waiting for handfuls of candy. Henry very quickly figured everything out and decided it was worth the work of walking up the stairs to get some candy.

We had tons of trick or treaters at our house. More than any other year! Evie took her job passing out candy very seriously carefully selecting the perfect piece of candy for each person.

t was impressive watching Evie strategically dig through her candy deciding which pieces to eat and which pieces to give to her parents.

It was a terrific night filled with treats. Hope y'all had a super Halloween too.


  1. They both looked SO cute!! Happy Birthday!!

  2. Evie looks like a real princess! Love the costumes. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!

  3. We had a blast! So fun to see the little folks in action--thanks for coming over!

  4. Sounds like a great Halloween and birthday! Love the pictures of Henry hiding behind the tree and that he ate a candy bar with the wrapper! Too Funny!

  5. Too much cuteness! Looks like ya'll had a blast!


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