Thursday, November 1, 2012

Sticker Chart Success

Evie transitioned to a big girl bed back in in the spring and did amazing! We were shocked - it was a total non-event. It was almost like she did not realize that she was able to get out of bed on her own. That all changed several weeks ago when she was getting of her bed and coming out of her room two or three times before falling asleep. Sleep is and will always be my big hurdle as a mother so I knew that something had to change. We all do better with sleep and lots of it.

I tried a few different things - threatening, taking away privileges, nagging and even a bit of bribery. One day, it suddenly dawned on me to try a sticker chart. Not sure why it took me so long to think of that was such an integeral part of my former life as a teacher. Especially since Evie LOVES stickers.

I like everything to be perfect and functional which held me back a bit. Then, one day, I decided that who cares if my sticker chart is cute or pretty as long as it kept Evie in the bed. Number sense can be difficult for the preschool set so I doodled five tiny stars on the chart to give Evie a visual of how many more stickers were needed to reach our goal.

Here's a peek at the chart.

I know you are jealous of the design and are probably going to add it to your Pinterest account right away. It might not be cute but it worked! I talked with Evie about staying in her room. Notice that it does not bother me one bit if she stays in the bed as long her sweet little self stays in her room from 7PM until 7AM. Let their be spaces in your togetherness.

We had two fabulous nights with stickers applied to the chart within two seconds of Evie waking up in the morning. Then, a few nights where she decided to push the limits and still requested her sticker within two seconds of waking up.

Finally, we made it - 5 nights of staying in her room. Evie probably would have been perfectly fine with just the stickers but of course I had to complicate matters with buying her a new movie. She has been dying for the movie Cinderella so that was her reward for five nights in her room.

Now, I am wondering if a simple sticker chart could help eliminate all of the other annoying behaviors that happen in our household. Behaviors such as incessant whining, not finishing meals, failing to follow directions - you know all the normal stuff that drives parents crazy. Wishful thinking, maybe! Try not to be surprised if sticker charts are lining my kitchen counter because when something works - it works.


  1. Love it - "let there be spaces in your togetherness"

    Yay for teaching strategies! We totally made an anchor chart for Molly's "sleep rules" when we made the big switch. Jim was impressed with how effective it was ;)

  2. We did a sticker chart for a potty training hump we couldn't get over. It worked like a charm even though it was hand-drawn with magic markers and used holiday stickers for a holiday we were no longer celebrating. We did prizes too for completion. Whatever works as long as it's safe and not monster-creating! I feel more in our future as she moves to the big bed, which probably should have been done awhile ago. But again, whatever works!

  3. Emily also has NO idea that she can get out of her bed by herself (during sleep times). Once we put her down, she just moans to let us know that she's awake or that she can't go to sleep. I wonder what will happen when she realizes she can just get up! Ha.

    Glad the sticker chart is working! It's working here too for Emily's BMs.


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