Friday, November 2, 2012

Week in Review

I woke up on Thursday thinking this week had gone by so fast but changed my thinking by dinner time that night. Halloween and the day after are rough! Henry has been a fuss bucket most of the week but he has a new shiny tooth which eases our minds a bit.

Monday: Evie had dance and I squeezed in a workout before attending Evie's Fall Show. It was just a few minutes of dancing but the cuteness factor was high. Evie was so proud to be on stage and did a fabulous job. Henry made it in the nursery although he still is letting me know that he does not appreciate being abandoned. It was a windy day so were stuck inside for the most part trying to figure out a way to keep busy.

Tuesday: Evie had school and this was the day of her parade. It was a nice quiet morning at home with Hen. Henry napped for three hours and I was able to accomplish so much around the house. He needs to go down a little earlier and that gets him longer sleep that is better quality. It's just hard to get him down at 11 with Evie's busy social calendar. Henry woke up just in time to pick Evie up from school then it was off to Costco. My kids love Costco! Evie is especially entertained by the holiday aisles and selected several ideas for Santa to bring her for Christmas. We went to see The C's for an impromptu play date and it was so much fun! Evie had a total meltdown when we left and crawled across the street. Drama Queen! We love our boys and Courtney. After the meltdown subsided, we dashed over to a friend's house for her jewelry party. I am trying to support my friends when they have parties and hoping they will do the same for me. Evie and Henry had a blast playing with the kids and eating yummy snacks. I have heard about almond pillow cookies from Fresh Market for years. They were even better than everyone had told me! Run to your nearest Fresh Market for cookies that taste better than anything I could make at home. While I was placing my order, a friend told me that she would watch Henry for me. So sweet, right? Well, Evie told me on the way home that Henry walked upstairs to see her in the theatre room. He can walk up the stairs just fine but has never walked down. Guess who brought him down? Evie told me that she held his hand "real careful" and he walked right down with her. Lesson learned- other parents have different standards for "watching" kids than some parents such as myself.

Wednesday: Halloween day finally arrived and it was fun but wild. You can read all about our day on this post.

Thursday: Evie and Henry had school. I met two friends for a coffee date and had so fun much plus a delicious crepe. Organizing my bathroom was on my to-do list but I quickly decided that perusing Target and running in a new store, Moxie Petites, would be way more fun. Evie and Henry are always in rare form after school so it's best for me to reserve my energy for maintaining the chaos. Henry did not nap at school for long. His teacher loves Henry so much that she took him across the hall for some rocking. He fell right asleep but woke up when she walked him back to the classroom. That is one amazing teacher and I am so thankful for answered prayers on loving, patient, competent teachers who love my kids and take such good care of them. Henry napped for a bit after school while Evie and I played outside together. I love special time with my Evie! Henry joined us outside after his nap. Carl came home late and put the kids to bed for me which helped so much!

Friday: We had a nice, relaxing day. Our first stop was the YMCA. Evie went to Kid's Gym instead of Y Play and had a blast playing soccer and basketball. She was so excited to be there with her friends Laura and Andrew. Next, we went to the library with our MOMS group to listen to a speaker talk about sugar and the impact it has on our health. I needed a gentle reminder after indulging in way too much Halloween candy. Henry took a long nap while Evie and I enjoyed some quiet time together. It was a gorgeous day and seemed like a terrific park day. Evie and Henry love the park. Henry made a new little friend who kept saying "Hey Mister" to him and even encouraged him to attempt the big slide by himself. Henry is growing up too fast. Carl came home earlier than usual so we squeezed in a quick walk to the park. Evie and Carl love to run together. We enjoyed a relaxing evening with the kids. Now, it's time to get them to bed and prepare Bobby Flay Shrimp and Grits for dinner.

Hope your weekend is off to a terrific start!

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  1. oh lordy.... yes, some parents definitely have different ideas of "watching" the kids than i do (sometimes jeffrey does, too - ha!)
    laney reminds me often that she does not like being abandoned, either. ;)


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