Sunday, November 18, 2012

Weekend Update: Farmer's Market, Minnie Mouse and Family Pictures

We had a super fun weekend! It was a little more busy than I like but tis the season for activity. One of my favorite moments was taking Evie for a ride to see the outlandish Christmas decorations that our neighbor puts up every year. It just makes boggles my mind the time and energy that goes into his huge display. Evie LOVES going to see the lights and wants us to decorate our house just like it.

Saturday: Carl woke up with Henry about 7 and then Evie and I woke up about 8. That's a great way to start a morning. We decided to take advantage of the gorgeous weather by spending the morning at the Farmer's Market. Doughnuts are always our first stop and we tried a food truck, Biscuit Love. I was not that impressed. Everyone raves about Biscuit Love but it just did not do much for me. I think it's overpriced but the combinations are pretty unique. Something for everyone! Evie sweet-talked Carl into buying her a little pink purse from a vendor. It always makes me smile to support local business but I think we are good in the pink purse department. We went to Costco next which is a major adventure on a Saturday morning! Everyone was at Costco and it was just a total madhouse. We came home for a quick lunch and then Evie and I went to a Minnie Mouse birthday party. It was a really cute party with lots of Minnie touches plus a bounce house. Minnie Mouse was the special guest. Evie is still not fond of characters that are within her personal space. She was wild and crazy after stuffing herself with a cupcake, a cookie and a piece of cake. Oh dear! Evie had a ball celebrating Leah's birthday. She told Leah that she loved her and that she was her best friend. Leah replied with "Evie you are my perfect friend." It's so sweet to see Evie learning more about friendship. She might need some clarification regarding the number of best friends a girl can have. Although, she comes by it honestly, since Mama still has lots of best friends. I headed straight for the park after the party to run burn off some energy. We ran into some old friends at the park and Evie had a blast playing in the creek with her friends. I dropped Evie off and headed out by myself for a bit. We put the kids to bed and ate dinner in peace.

Sunday: We all woke up about 7:30 and made it out the door just in time for early church. Henry did not cry at drop-off which makes it so much easier. His bout of separation anxiety seems to be short lived. He wore some new shoes this morning and one shoe fell off during church. Henry called out "uh o" in a loud voice to the amusement of the pew directly behind us.  We walked to Starbuck's after church for coffee and lemon loaf. Evie loves going to breakfast just like her Mama. Henry is such a big boy now and sits in the chair next to Evie. We did a little window shopping. I took the kids outside for a bit after we came home and then headed to run a few errands. We headed out for our family picture. Let's hope Lindy was able to capture at least one good shot because Henry did not make it easy. He was not happy that we had to wake him up from his nap but Evie did beautifully. She's really growing up. I only had to bribe her once which is a major improvement from our last session. The C's came over late this afternoon and it was so wonderful to catch up with them. Evie loves her boys so much! We are trying to get ourselves ready for our trip to South Carolina tomorrow.

Hope you had a spectacular weekend!


  1. What a busy weekend. I cannot believe how grown Henry looks in the picture! Can't wait to see your pictures. We had a hard time with smiles for ours too. Safe travels!

  2. You never cease to amaze me...early church...with two kids! You go girl!!!


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