Monday, November 5, 2012

16 Months!

Dear Precious Henry,

   You are 16 months old today! It's been a month full of changes for you and has been so exciting to watch you grow. Running is your mode of transportation and you are an explorer. It's not uncommon to find you in a new predicament about five times per day. Sometimes you get stuck in a chair or decide to pour out an entire box of Bisquick. You have climbed the stairs solo and walked down with only the help of your sister. Life is interesting with you and so very sweet.

You are my cuddly boy! I love all my snuggles. You make lots of kissing sounds and know how to kiss everyone goodnight. It's so adorable to see you hug your sister spontaneously during the day. Sometimes you rub my back or pat my arm. Daddy and I agree that you are even more cuddly than Evie was as a baby.

You are only in the 10% for your weight at 21 pounds. That makes you a little peanut. However, you are a tall peanut. Eating is one of your favorite pastimes so it is shocking that you are so tiny. You love to point out your food preferences in the pantry and know where the Halloween candy resides on the top shelf. You still spend most of your day in the highchair and are always ready for a snack.

Most days, you are taking one nap but sometimes you still need two. You are drinking soy milk and are able to some dairy but not too much or it causes big problems. You discovered boiled peanuts and peanut butter this month. Both were a hit!

You are beginning to talk more and more. Your receptive language is phenomenal. Evie was talking about Campbell this morning and you walked over to the window to point to his house. You follow simple commands and know our daily routine. We left Evie at dance one day and you kept pointing to her seat while I was buckling you in. I think you were trying to let me know that we had forgotten your sister.

You and Evie are just so sweet together. She loves to hold your hand and leads you all over the house. It's so cute and makes my heart melt. You love her so much and she loves you too. Evie always tells me that she is the big sister. She is the BIG sister and I am pretty sure that you are well aware of that.

You have had a bit of separation anxiety this month but it has improved a lot. I always tell you that it will be okay and that I will be right back. It seems like you understand and you put on your brave face at school or in the church nursery. Picking you up gives me such a boost! You are thrilled to see me and grinning from ear to ear. You start running to me from across the room with your hands up ready to leap into my arms. That just makes my day!

We love you so much and feel so blessed that you are our son! We feel so grateful to be your parents. It's such a pleasure to spend my days with you watching you grow and change into a little boy. You will always be my baby boy even when you are taller than me which might be soon.

We love you from the top of your head to the tips of your toes!

Mommy and Daddy

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  1. I love learning what's to come with boys by reading about sweet Henry. I can't believe Sam's weight is almost the same as Henry's! His busyness must burn off all the snacks. I hope he is feeling better.


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