Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Introducing . . . Elfa Elf

I finally bit the bullet and hopped the Elf on the Shelf bandwagon. Evie selected Elfa as the perfect name for our elf because it starts with an E. If you know Evie, then you know that she adores the letter E.

Evie and Elfa have become fast friends already in the three days he has lived with us. Evie is already asking some tough questions about Elfa and Santa. She is already worried about where Elfa is going to live after Christmas.

Elfa's reaction seems to matter a whole lot more than my reaction so Elfa is helping out a lot with behavior modification. Tears commence whenever I say that Elfa is going to report something to Santa Claus on his nightly visit to the North Pole.

Henry and Evie both enjoy searching for Elfa every morning. Evie talks to him throughout the day and Henry points excitedly each and every time Elfa catches his eye.

So far, I'd say it is a fun tradition that is fairly easy to implement in the home. Pinterest certainly eliminates the nightly dilemma of where Elfa should fly to next and it's worth the time to see the pure delight each morning. Tis the Season!

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