Monday, November 12, 2012

Home Sweet Home!


It's a red letter day at our house! We have lived in the same house in the sametown for three years. It's the first time in our marriage that we have felt so settled. We lived in Raleigh and Charlotte for intervals of less than two years so three years feels like a lifetime.

Nashville is different in so many ways. Chinos are not nearly as common as Tennessee Khakis - blue jeans. Nashvillian's do not find shoulders a necessary or important part of a road. Fruit tea is their version of sweet tea. Fantastic live music is everywhere you visit and the people are some of the most genuine you will ever meet.

Nashville has provided us with a wonderful sense of community. We receive Christmas cards from our grocery store, my cashier refers to me and my children by name, our mailman knows that I love to buy and sell on eBay and we have spent enough time at the library that the librarians always know that I need a little extra help remembering due dates.

We found our house on a whim. Carl lived here long enough to research the best place for our family and this house was inside the grid that we had chosen. Some of our priorities were easy access to the Interstate, walking distance to a park, excellent schools and within ten minutes of Target. We barely even looked at this house at our first showing because we felt like it was out of our reach. The owner's were ready to move closer to Nashville for school and work while we wanted to live a few miles outside the city in the suburbs. Imagine our surprise to learn that our offer had been accepted!I literally could not tell you much about this house on the day that we signed our offer except that it was "full-blown brick" and was close to Harris Teeter.

Here we are three years later and I can tell you so much more about this house. I love how the light comes in the kitchen during the spring and it's just a tad too bright in the fall. You have to step close to the wall when walking past Henry's room or it will wake him up. I love the hydrangeas in the spring and the fireflies in the summer. Evie's pitter pattering little feet can always be heard when I am in the kitchen since her room is right above my favorite room in the house. Three years ago, I did not imagine life with Henry since I had barely adjusted to being a mommy to Evie.  My vast amounts of storage are not quite as large now that two childre's belongings take up all of my closet space. We love this home, the memories that we have made in it, the friends and family that are a part of the life we have grown to love in Tennessee.

Even if we move tomorrow, this house will always be special to us. It seemed like the perfect time for a celebration! Our best china was pulled out, silver was polished, Evie helped decorate the table with pumpkins and pansies, chocolate cake was prepared and candles were lit. Dinner was served in our dining room. It was special time reminiscing about the last three years and thinking about what life will be like in three more years.

There's no place like home!


  1. I am so corny but this post almost made me cry!!! It is such a good feeling to be settled. We don't quite feel settled yet in our townhouse, after 2.5 years. We know it is a temporary house and I am a "I want it now" person, so it is hard for me to sit back and be patient. :)

  2. Such a sweet post! I can't believe you've been there three years! It seems like just yesterday you were in Raleigh, and that was two homes ago!
    We will be in Gastonia the first part of next week. Will y'all be spending any time there? If so, we'd love to see you!

  3. Love this! We are in our third house in 4.5 years, but we plan on this being our last. I lived in my first house for 20 years though so all the moving was big for me. Our first house together was Ned's then we were in the rental, so it really is a special feeling when you feel at home and settled. What a special thing to celebrate!

  4. Such a sweet post! Happy to have you here!


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