Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Evie's Election

Evie is interested in the election mostly because the elementary school closest to our house was a complete mad-house with voters. I explained voting to her in three-year-old terms and how the President helps our country. She wanted to know the Presidents name so I told her Romney and Obama. Evie was mostly interested in the gender of the President which made me proud. I told Evie that we would support whoever was elected by praying for him because it's hard to be the President.

"For our President, for the leaders of the nations, and for all in authority in the nations of the world. That there may be justice and peace on Earth. "

Book of Common Prayer

Evie votes for "Romma" because it rhymes with "Mama." Pretty good reason to vote, Evie.

I cannot imagine the anxiety that both candidates must be feeling. Or the stress that comes with a win. I am thankful that there are candidates that are willing to serve as president. That's a tough job, folks!


  1. jennifer, i love this post! it's just so true and honest. i love how you explained the election to evie and i agree.... it is so important to pray for our president!

  2. I could not stand the stress of waiting. Our good friend is running for mayor of our city and I could not even go to the results party. I hate to see people disappointed. I think Avery prefers Obama, because when she says his name it sounds a lot like Llama, Llama!


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