Sunday, November 25, 2012

Half Carolina Thanksgiving!

We had a busy Thanksgiving week with visits to both sets of grandparents. Evie started referring to it as Half Carolina instead of North Carolina or South Carolina. We will always remember our Half Carolina Thanksgiving.

South Carolina: After lunch on Monday, we loaded up the Odyssey and headed to South Carolina. It seemed like such a long trip because it was dark when we arrived. I definitely prefer departing in the morning to ensure a late afternoon arrival but Carl had to work some that morning. We made it all the way to She She and Poppy's house with only one stop. Evie and Henry made themselves right at home. Evie even tried out the bunk beds since Mary and Lucy were not visiting this time. Poppy prepared us a fabulous ham dinner while we were visiting.We spent lots of time outside by the warm, toasty fire, hiking in the woods, lunching at the market and even making smores for dessert. Evie really enjoyed hiking and it's an easy way for us all to get a little exercise. We had a wonderful visit with She She and Poppy!

North Carolina: We left Carl's parents house right after lunch on Wednesday for our short little jaunt to North Carolina. That trip feels like a breeze after our six hour adventure on Monday. Henry woke up as we approached the outlets so of course we made a little stop. Carl picked up a pair of chinos and it was good to walk around a bit. We headed down the road a little bit further to my parents house. Evie and Henry were excited to arrive at Nana and Ipop's house. Henry immediately began pointing at the tree wondering where the swing might be located. My dad picked up some delicious BBQ for dinner which is always a favorite for us. It was so nice waking up on Thanksgiving at my parents house with the smells of Thanksgiving wafting in the air. Aunt Libby and Mamaw joined us for our scrumptious lunch. Evie is still not too sure about my grandmother but Henry made himself at home on her lap. It was really sweet and I know that meant a lot to my grandmother. We all stuffed ourselves with a delicious Thanksgiving and it was so nice not to be dairy-free this holiday. Carl and I took advantage of our babysitters and sneaked out for a movie after turkey and bacon sandwiches. We saw Lincoln and really enjoyed it. Brush up on your history before going but it's worth the time for sure. Evie enjoyed her sitters, Ipop and Nana. Evie decided not to sleep in her own room this visit and bunked with us upstairs. She referred to her spot as the sleeping patch and slept beautifully all week.  On Friday, we went to the park for some outdoor fun. Carl took Evie hiking while Henry napped. We had a lazy afternoon around the house. It was time to head back on Saturday morning and we had an efficient trip back with only two stops. Henry took two long naps and Evie entertained herself with movies and her traveling toys.

We love going to see our family but are so thankful that everyone is coming to see us for Christmas. Henry and Evie both slept well this trip which makes a huge difference when visiting family. It's good  to be back home and we are already preparing for the Christmas season. Evie is so enthralled with the whole idea of Christmas and loves it all from our elf to decorating everything within reach and even playing Santa with her Daddy.

Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

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