Monday, November 5, 2012

Weekend Wrap-up: Zinghoppers, Date Night and Solitude

We had a spectacular weekend! It just goes by too quickly.

Saturday: Evie and I went to see The Zinghopper's at the Franklin Theatre. She was so excited! Evie adores Conductor Jack - the main Zinghopper and even had the chance to meet him before the show. Evie was too shy to chat but it was fun for me. We used to see The Zinghopper's before they hit it big at our local Whole Food's. Jack and Kitty Norton are former pre-school teachers turned entertainers. They are very impressive and know exactly how to keep parents and children entertained. Be sure to see them if you ever have the chance. They are currently touring and may be at a theatre near you. Check them out on YouTube and PBS too. Evie had a blast dancing in her first mosh pit. It was hysterical watching all those little bodies grooving together to songs such as In the Garden and Oleo the Donkey. I enjoyed my special time with my big girl so much. Carl and Henry went on a jog and then Henry took his nap. Carl and I headed out on a date that afternoon. We had such a fun time driving around checking out Nashville which is something we miss about our life before children. It's way more relaxing without anyone requesting a snack, crying or asking that dreaded car trip question. Carl and I found a few places of interest for future date nights. After our drive, we went to see Taken 2. I really liked it but Carl preferred the first movie. We intended to enjoy a fun dinner in The Gulch, a trendy part of Nashville but decided to stick to the Green Hills area since we were already there. We had a difficult time deciding where to eat and every restaurant was packed. I have been waiting to try the restaurant in Nordstrom for almost a year so that's what we chose. Dinner was delicious with the best shoe string french fries of all time. I enjoyed being with my handsome hubby even more than eating my fries! We walked around the mall a bit after dinner since our allotted time was not up yet. Caitlin survived babysitting both of our kids! It was her first time putting them both to sleep. Hope she will come back soon!

Sunday: Our kids woke up about 6 which we had anticipated with the time change. That extra time was nice so we did not have to rush off to church. We met a really nice couple at church with a three year old boy and a brand-new little girl. It was time for a quick biscuit at McDonald's after church. Evie was very concerned that brother was lost in the play park and convinced me to retrieve him. Henry was not thrilled at his retrieval and was having a very nice time up at the top of the play park. He did not realize that he was lost. Oh my goodness, there is a reason why parents do not get in those things, it was absolutely disgusting inside. I am not a germaphobe at all but this about sent me over the edge. As were walking out, a man stopped me to let me know that he found it amazing that I folded myself up in the slide to rescue my son.That gave us a good chuckle.  We came home and cleaned out our Odyssey - it sounds more hip to call it the Odyssey than the van. I still cannot believe that I am a mini-van mom and even more unbelievable is that I love my mini van! Motherhood really is a total life changer. It was pretty chilly outside so chili seemed like the perfect lunch. Carl kept the kids for the entire afternoon for me which is the best birthday present of all time! Solitude is worth more than diamonds to me in this stage of life. I ran a few errands, worked on some Christmas shopping and treated myself to a much needed massage. It was the perfect afternoon and Carl had so much fun with the kids. I enjoyed my break but it sure was nice to be back home with my family. Carl and I hit the hay early since time changes were definitely not invented by parents with young children.

Hope you had a fantastic weekend too! Check by later for Henry's 16 month post.


  1. I am LOLing at you saying the Odyssey sounds better than the van. I agree!! I think I will start saying the Sienna. LOL!!! We liked Taken 2 also, but I DO think the first one was better. Isn't that always the case?! Haha!

  2. Haha, your van comment cracked me up! I just got an Odyssey, and even though I don't feel super cool cruising around in it, it IS extremely convenient, so I think that's going to win me over ;)


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