Friday, November 9, 2012

Week in Review: Strep Throat and Play Dates

We have had a delightful week which seems strange since Henry has been under the weather and Carl has been super busy with work. Evie has been a doll and I have felt somewhat productive which is always a good feeling. Time changes and sick kiddos are not the best combination though. Henry is all out of sorts.

Monday: Henry woke up with a fever so we skipped ballet and stayed home on the couch. I knew Henry was really not feeling well when he sat next to me and watched Annie with Evie. His fever was even higher after his nap so it seemed like time to see the pediatrician. Poor thing had a case of strep throat! We were at the doctor forever since everyone is sick this time of year. Evie was so sweet and good. I rewarded her and myself with a quick trip to Krispy Kreme. Doughnuts make us all feel better! Carl picked up Henry's prescription on his way home and Evie enjoyed a little craft time during our dinner. She LOVES staying up later than Henry and it does not happen that often since she has completely dropped her nap.

Tuesday: We quarantined ourselves at home for the day keeping busy a quick run to the Starbuck's Drive-thru and with lots of imaginative play. Evie is infatuated with all things Goldilocks and has turned three plastic bowls into her own stage for acting out the story multiple times per day. Carl and I have had to switch things up a bit to keep from getting bored. Henry was fever free for 24 hours by late in the afternoon so it was time to get out for a bit. We made a quick stop at the library which is always fun! It was a cold, gloomy night so I made chicken pot pie which hit the spot for us all. Carl and I stayed up late watching the election returns come in and decided that Central Time is not so bad on Election Night and New Years Eve.

Wednesday: Henry was still a little under the weather but no fever. We made it out to Kids' Hour at Whole Foods and picked up a few groceries while we were there. Henry took an early nap which gave us lots of time to make it out to Cheekwood for a bit. We made brownies from scratch and played Goldilocks more times than I care to remember. Carl arrived home in time for dinner and bath time. He had an exhausting week training a co-worker but has enjoyed getting to know the guy better too.

Thursday: Both kids had school and I had a hair appointment. It was so nice to sit and read my book without any interruptions. The book was Still Missing and it was a really good book. Henry napped at school so we were able to make our playgroup after school. It was our first meeting and was a great turnout with kids both Henry and Evie's ages. Everyone had fun! We played outside and then it was time for dinner and bedtime. Carl had a work function and I was asleep right after the kids.

Friday: Henry woke up in a bad mood so we canceled our zoo trip. It made me sad and Evie was even more upset. She told me that she "never gets to see Jacob anymore" and really wanted to see the bears. Henry was held pretty much the entire morning and then I decided to take everyone to Monkey's Treehouse for a bit. It was fun but a little exhausting for me since both kids had an entirely different idea of what they wanted to do. Henry took a snooze on the way home and then we played outside. I LOVE warm fall days! Henry took a LONG nap and Evie and I had some fun time together. Of course, we played Goldilocks and even had cookies and milk. Evie is so much fun and I just love spending my days with her. Henry is adorable too and of course I enjoy my days with him too. Carl got home in time for bathtime and to put everyone to bed. We are so glad it's the weekend. It's been a long week.

Happy Friday, Y'all!


  1. Hope everyone is feeling better for a wonderful weekend! I love your weekly updates!

  2. So glad everyone is feeling better! Being sick is not fun! Happy weekend!

  3. So glad everyone is feeling better! Being sick is no fun! Happy weekend!


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