Thursday, May 26, 2011

Change of Plans

Evie was so disappointed that her trip to the farm was canceled. I really need to learn not to tell her things until they are about to happen. We are going tomorrow which is not the best day since we are leaving to go out of town but it will have to work since Evie wants to see the cows so badly.

We ran a few errands this morning. Evie's favorite spot was Babies R Us. We bought Baby Brother some "sassies." Evie has been very concerned that he had his own and did not share with her. I let her select a few and let's just hope he takes one. It took Evie FOREVER to take one and the screams were a lot to handle. Evie does not like when other people cry so this is going to be tough for her.

I was not real productive during naptime but made up for it tonight. Evie played in her room by herself for the longest time. I was shocked! This does happen very often and this was defnitely the longest stretch of alone time she has ever had. I made a HUGE deal out of it and told her what a big girl she is so maybe she will do a repeat one day soon.

Happy 37th wedding anniversary to my parents! That's a LONG time.


  1. It took Avery a LONG time to take anything other than the oh so attractive Soothie pacifier that's given at the hospital. Ned finally told me I was not allowed to buy any more pacifiers, but we at least now have a large selection to try for another baby when the time comes to wean from the Soothie. Do you think Brother's will be attractive to Evie? Avery will only take "her" brand now, which I'm hoping will help when it's time to get rid of it.

  2. She is the cutest! I have to tell my kids what we are doing the moment before!


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